Restaurant Review: Zepi Grill And Bar At Sunsquare Cape Town

It has been a while since I reviewed a restaurant for the blog.


A friend of mine to tagged along to review Zepi Grill and Bar – It’s much easier to explore a restaurant’s menu when two portions are ordered for each course.


Upon arrival, we decided on cocktails.  Zepi bar has an interesting selection – I first tried them when I attended the launch of Sunsquare hotel in which the Zepi Grill and Bar is situated.  At the launch, people couldn’t get enough of the cocktails and one can just not blame them.



Zepi Grill and Bar is that place that can easily become one’s favourite hangout i.e.  that place you go to for a catch up with old friends over drinks and meals that not only tantalize your palette but serve as conversation starters.  You know when you just randomly change the topic because a particular dish is sublime?  Then spend a good 10 minute dissecting the flavour, texture, plating and portion size.  That’s what I’m talking about.

That is what happened in this instance.  Personally, I do not like food that has foam, flowers, and all that jazz.  Food has to impress me with freshness, a variety of textures, flavours and good plating.  In addition to that,  a lot of people who go to dining establishments always go home and try to replicate a dish they enjoyed.  Therefore the food must be relatable and not too intimidating.


Relatable and not too intimidating is what we got at Zepi.  Let me take you through our dishes…….


After cocktails, we ordered a bottle of Place in the Sun Cabernet Sauvignon to accompany the food.



Beef Empanadas – these were an absolute delight.  The chef played around with savoury flavours and paired them with sweet flavours of chutney.  It would have been a sin not to clean up the plate.

Mussels were also good but I would go for empanadas if I had to choose between the two dishes.  Starter prices range from R40 to R60.  There are more options to choose from including the Pork Belly Salad, pictured above.


We opted for the traditional items on the menu, Tamatie Bredie and the Lamb Shank. The food got to the table and the veggies looked enticingly colourful and intact.  I really appreciated that the veggies did not lose their freshness; therefore, the texture was right on point.   Mains range from R80 to R140.


Portions are a perfect size, not too big and not too small.  We particularly enjoyed the Baked New York Cheesecake and the Malva Pudding.


Doesn’t this Prego Roll scream all kinds of deliciousness?


I came up with a list of some of the things you’ll love about  Zepi Grill and Bar:


  • Zepi Bar handcrafted cocktails
  • It is the perfect hangout for people looking for a secluded place, away from the Long Street rush.  There’s also live entertainment on Fridays from 5 till 8 pm.
  • Zepi is a perfect spot for lunch, in addition to that, portion sizes are not overzealous that one can’t return to work and work efficiently.
  • Banters are also taken into consideration; all one needs to do is ask the waiter to have their carbs replaced with extra buttered vegetables.
  • One should be prepared to get excellent customer service.
  • The wine selection is not too price, in fact, one can get a good bottle of wine for just over a R100.
  • I personally love that one can see the chefs in action while seated at the restaurant.  At the launch of the hotel, I had the stunning pleasure of watching Chef Shaun Bruce torch an array of Crème Brûlée.
  • Just my personal opinion, if you want the best spot to ask to be seated next to the window.  The view is stunning, especially in the evenings.
  • Last but not least, one can expect to listen to beautiful music in the background while enjoying their dinner or cocktails.  Whoever is responsible for the playlist does a brilliant job.


Overall the food is good and one has a choice between an a la carte dinner, rustic pizzas or the daily blackboard specials.  Executive Chef,  Shaun Bruce and his team work hard to make the food worth your while.




Wanna make a turn?


Address: Mill Street, Gardens, Cape Town

Tel: +27 21 465 1311


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