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#WCE Fitness Inspiration, Mapule Ndlovu



Guys, don’t you just love people who are making a difference in society by just being themselves and doing what they love?  A few weeks ago I came across Mapule Ndlovu’s instagram account @queenfitnass, oh my God I love her passion for fitness and since then she has been my daily motivation.  Check out some of my favourite dance videos from her account below:


And today I woke up and the video below is the first thing I saw on Instagram.  My day was absolutely made and I found myself dancing with my sprained ankle.  Turns out it is her birthday!  So please join me in wishing this amazingly talented and inspiring lady a fabulous birthday.  Happy Birthday Mapule!  Keep on being a ROCKSTAR, you don’t know how many people you inspire to get off the couch.


I can't Keep calm it's Friday and it's my Birthday 🎉🎊💃🏽

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