Two Oceans Cookies and Wine Pairing Suggestions

Two Oceans Pinot Grigio with Butter Biscuits
Two Oceans Pinot Grigio with Butter Biscuits

Inspiration comes from different things, hence it is always encouraged that people shouldn’t be afraid to be different, stand out or try something new in order to make their contribution to the world.  Talking about being different and inspiring, our South African wine brand Two Oceans has been inspired to do cookies and wine pairings by Cookies and Corks, a company started by two stay at home moms…..

Two Oceans team loved this concept and have adopted the idea by trying out a few combinations of their own. “At Two Oceans we love the idea of simple snacking solutions with wine, so we thought we’d give the idea a go and we are delighted with the results.”  says winemaker  Natasha Williams.

I also happen to think it’s a cool concept!  Come to think of it…cookies and wine! Nom Nom Nom!

They are sharing some of their sweet and savoury biscuit pairings:

Butter Cookies served with Two Oceans Pinot Grigio

“The fresh, crisp taste of peach, apricot and litchi in the wine was a lovely match with the sweet, buttery cookies, flavoured with a hint of vanilla. “

Digestive biscuits flavoured with a light chilli bite and a twist of pepper paired with Two Oceans Shiraz Rose.

“The wine’s zesty fruitiness cut through the spice and created an intriguing but also very appealing combination.”

Other cookies and wine pairing suggestions are: Two Oceans Pinot Noir with cranberry & chocolate cookies and Two Oceans Cabernet Sauvignon/Melot with rosemary-infused digestive biscuits.

Natasha recommends wine and cookies for chilled out evenings, get together with friends, book club or even wine club meetings.   It’s a perfect combination to get everyone’s energy levels up while gentlly easing them into a relaxed mode.   What do you think of this concept?  Is it something you would like to try out on your next get together with a group of friends?

Two Oceans Shiraz Rose with Chilli Digestives
Two Oceans Shiraz Rose with Chilli Digestives

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