Keeping Up With The Trends – Let Twizza Have Its Moment


Nowadays there’s no telling what is going to trend and it is up to the brands to capitalize on those opportunities.  You find that some food brands don’t even have a social media presence.  I mean, in this day and age if a food/beverage brand doesn’t have a digital footprint it is considered irrelevant.  That is what they say. *shrugs*

Then again you get some brands who just trend for a strange reason, perhaps they don’t need tweeps to make them relevant e.g. This morning I saw Twizza trending and was like….



Twizza is huge in the Eastern Cape.  I was introduced to it by my mom.  She used to buy it in cases …. So yeah!  When Twizza trends it’s like ‘Hey something popular in the Eastern Cape gets to trend!’ I’m all for it.

This is how the trend started…

Event organizers of Chase Festival which took place in East London on the 27th December 2015, gave away tickets to the festival, in order to qualify, one had to Twitpic an image of themselves along with a bottle of Twizza.  Folks were not impressed with this because Twizza is considered an inferior beverage brand compared to the likes of Coca-Cola.



It didn’t end there, at the festival, a double shot of whisky was dashed with Twizza and sold at R50.  Folks were disgruntled, to say the least.

Tweeps started calling out those who acted brand new to Twizza

Some didn’t even know what was going on….

But there’s always that one dude who steps in to help clarify the whole situation…




Last Word…..

Of course, we are!


Can we allow other food/beverage brands to be great?  It’s not the first time I say this, brands like Twizza (manufactured in the Eastern Cape) open up job opportunities in their respective provinces.  It’s also kinda refreshing to experience different food brands/products in each province, for an example, in Cape Town we buy Jive when in Eastern Cape you’ll find folks sippin’ on Twizza.  Tweeps say there’s one called Refresh in Limpopo.

I’m out!




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