#Throwback: Iconic Brands II

Facebookers really enjoyed last week’s throwback and even suggested some brands to feature this week….


 Holsum (featured image)

Honestly, I don’t know about other cultures but if you  ask any Xhosa they’ll tell you that Holsum goes well with Umngqusho (samp & beans) and Isgwampa (Maize meal and leaves).  The product is still around, but the wrapper is a better quality than the one used back in the day.  If you’re not familiar with it, give it and try!

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Tastic Rice

Tastic has been there, at times you find yourself opting for another brand due to price.  But one thing’s for sure, you find yourself going back to Tastic rice!


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Mrs H.S. Ball’s Chutney 

Mrs H.S. Ball must be happy wherever she is, I don’t think she knew she was creating a legendary product.  Personally, I can’t go without this chutney.  It’s perfect for balancing out taste e.g. when you cook a smoor /bisto/ushatini and it is too sour, just add a dash of chutney and/ or salt.


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Wilson’s Extra Strong

I just remember there was an interesting advert on radio Xhosa (now called Umhlobo Wenene).  Does anyone still remember the ad ?


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We called it Kool-Aid Sweet, wet your finger then dunk it into the packet and lick it off.  It changes the colour of your tongue and lips.  That’s the best way to enjoy the drink, for kids.

That’s it for this week!  What other brands take deserve a throwback?


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