RECIPE: Three Bean Curry / Salad


Happy new year guys!  It is 2017 and we should be grateful we have made it.  Yup, I say this every year and I mean it.  Each year I get reminded of the meaning behind these words every time a friend, family member or relative passes away.  Looking on the brighter side, their passing serves as a reminder to love one another and live our best lives because our time is borrowed.

Moving along, I was looking at the best performing posts for 2016 and post with the most comments.  It so happens that my old posts from back when I started the blog – the posts with traditional recipes influenced by the people I grew up with, these posts perform well.

I made this Three Bean Curry as part of my Christmas meal for my family.  We kept it in the fridge while prepping other dishes, as a result, it was served chilled.  One can also prepare it a day in advance to allow the flavours to fully develop.




Three Bean Salad / Curry 

Serves: 6 – 8 




30ml (2Tbsp) olive oil

1 onion, chopped

2 garlic cloves, finely chopped

1 green pepper, chopped

15ml (1Tbsp) milk and spicy curry powder

150g green beans, trim off edges then divide into 3 pieces

1 can red kidney beans

1 can sugar beans

1 beef stock cube

15ml (1Tbsp) fruit chutney

a handful of fresh parsley, chopped



  1.   In a saucepan, heat oil and fry onion, garlic and green pepper and green beans.  I prefer the veggies to retain their crunch so don’t wait until they are soft.
  2. Add curry powder followed by kidney beans and sugar beans.  Add the stock cube and stir it in evenly to ensure even distribution.  It’ll change the colour of the curry – which is what you want.
  3. Add chutney and parsley to balance out the taste.

Thuli’s Tip:

You may also be interested in this Mince and Bean recipe served on Phuthu.  Enjoy!

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