The Pursuit of Perfection Gains TRUTH Coffee Roastery World Class Status



Coffee appreciation is serious business, and the search for the perfect artisan roast espresso, cappuccino or latte is a hotly debated topic and an infinite quest for ‘caffeineholics’ the world over.  Fortunately, South African’s don’t have far to travel, with our very own TRUTH Coffee Roastery in hip Buitenkant Street in Cape Town  being locally and internationally acclaimed as the top global coffee destination.



The uncompromising quality of the TRUTH coffee experience, as driven by owner David Donde has positioned the TRUTH Coffee Roastery as a bucket list destination for coffee lovers the world over, resulting in a recent plethora of insightful and supportive reviews from the likes of The Telegraph, Spoon University, Howitravel, Decanter, and Tripadvisor.  Testimony to this recognition is the jostling queue that often stretches out the door, and at times around the block.




“There are few cafes in the world as stunning as Truth, a “steampunk inspired” artisan coffee shop that is filled from top to bottom with metal piping and quirky old machinery. But people don’t just flock there for the decor – the coffee is all hand-roasted in a vintage cast iron drum, and the company supplies many of South Africa’s top hotels.” The Telegraph.




The idea of the design was to show each and every customer that they brew their coffee to absolute perfection.  They accomplished this by exposing their process to brewing it, making the place look like a coffee factory.  It works for them.  The shop is home to exposed copper pipes, red booths, Victorian tap levers, pull chains and floor tiles, and brass shaving mirrors.  It’s hard to not fall for the originality of the design of Truth.” Spoon University





Still, the real show-stopper of all eateries in Cape Town has to be the delightful Truth Coffee.  Totally fitted out with a steampunk interior, it’s a place that has to be seen to be believed; once you settle into a seat, you’ll see that the novelty doesn’t end with the interior – this place is just damn good fun.” Howitravel

If you need a caffeine hit to start your day, head to this steampunk inspired venue, recently named by the UK’s Telegraph as the best coffee shop in the world.  The beans are hand roasted in a steel drum, and you can even attend barista school to hone your skills.” Decanter




The slogan at Cape Town’s reigning roaster is “We do coffee properly.” Judging by the crowds that congregate in the funky steampunk-inspired space (think industrial-chic decor and retro typewriters, exercise bikes, and a pressed-tin bar) on the city’s east side, Truth more than lives up to its mantra — this is the city’s most popular coffee house.  A strong flat white here will sort you out for the rest of the day.”

Not only offering uncompromising coffee, utilizing personally selected beans and honed roasting and grinding techniques, dining at the TRUTH Coffee Roastery is also an experience to be savoured.  The steam punk inspired interior is a feast for the senses making it a certain itinerary stop for any traveler to Cape Town.




Exposed raw wooden beams, gleaming copper pipes, fully functioning over-engineered machinery and plush vintage leather, enhanced by the aroma of freshly roasted beans all challenge your senses when entering the dimly lit domain that is the TRUTH Coffee Roastery. The captivating steampunk décor is tastefully carried through to the customised waiter’s and baristas’ uniforms. Dapper waistcoats, top hats, antique motorcycle glasses, fob watches and snappy suspenders stylishly adorn the impeccably trained and engaging staff who cater and educate in a seamless motion.




The TRUTH Coffee Roastery is a destination for the senses and an opportunity to pause, and reflect on a decision well made.

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