Sunday Afternoon Shisa-Nyama Culture

Amadoda Braai, Woodstock

On Sundays, all the young people (ulutsha) I know, go to Shisa-Nyama.  In Cape Town, the majority goes to Mzoli’s in Gugulethu and kwaMaphindi in Nyanga.

Some go to Ace’s place in Khayelitsha, Amadoda inWoodstock, AmaZink in Stellenbosch etc.  Durbanites braai till they drop at Max’s in Umlazi and one Sunday when I visited Gauteng, crowds packed at Busy Corner in Tembisa and Midrand Shisa-Nyama in Midrand.

There’s so much interest in going to a Shisa-Nyama on a Sunday.  It’s not just about the braaid meet, it’s about the crowds, hooking up with friends and meeting new people.  In our generation, gone are the days of coming back from church on a Sunday and cooking a full meal with rice, meat, veggies, salads and desserts.  Salads and desserts during our parents’ times were delicacies of Sundays and special days.

Empty meat trays at Mzoli's
Empty meat trays at Mzoli’s


Last week but one, my sister was in town to visit.  My cousins and I decided to have a family hangout. We went to Mzoli’s.  We were so hungry and looking forward to having Mzoli’s meat.  It’s dubbed as the best braai in this part of the country.  The place was packed.  If you’ve ever seen crowds at South Africa’s beaches on New Year’s Day, that’s how packed it was.  At first we struggled to find parking. We got it around 4pm. We were surprised that there was no queue inside. I didn’t expect not to find a queue at Mzoli’s especially with a crowd like that outside.  Only to find that the meat area was empty.  The lady behind the counter told us that there was no more meat.  It was finished…klaar….finito…iphelile….e fedile!  Yup, on a Sunday afternoon around 4p.m., the meat was finished.  We then made our way to the closest Shisa-Nyama around that area, Kwa-Maphindi in Nyanga Township.

There were a lot of people but one could find a table to sit and enjoy a meal. The food was good. We had tons of fun as we stuffed ourselves with food & drink. The only downside was the frequent visit of beggars (bergies)… who would ask for R1 every five minutes.

So, if you also get to a Shisa-nyama and get told the meat is finished, go   to another one and have fun! There’s plenty of Shisa-nyama’s around the country.

Happy faces after feasting at Maphindi’s



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