Sunday Afternoon At Moyo Spier With My Girls…

Khanyi, Thuli & Vuyo at Moyo Spier

Almost every young girl grows up dreaming and thinking that at a certain age they should have a husband and kids. Unfortunately it doesn’t always panout like that. However, nowadays for some it’s a choice….we’re either too picky or we just refuse to settle.  There’s a saying that goes “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”

That’s the story for me and my girls, Khanyi, my cousin and flatmate, then Vuyo my BFF.  The 3 of us together are like the 3 women on the movie ~ The First Wives Club starring Dian Keaton, Better Midler and Goldie Hawn.  Okay, just in case you forgot the movie… the end the 3 ladies are dressed in white and they sing….”I’m young and I love to be young, I’m free and I love to be free, to live my life the way that I want, to say and do whatever I please” Lol! I just had to do that.  Love it!

We’ve made it our mission to go out, explore places, different lifestyles and cuisines.  So, we’ve decided each and every Sunday we’re gonna do something, either go out or sit in and have a good home cooked meal or a braai.  After all we are young, independent and most importantly we have disposable income each other’s company.

Enough about the Single Ladies’s Club…….

Last Sunday we drove to Moyo Spier at Stellenbosch.  They have a buffet 7 days a week serving lunch from 12:00 midday until 16:00 in the afternoon. Then serve dinner from 18:00 in the evening until 23:00.

My girls and I decided to partake in on the buffet.

There’s a wide variety of dishes with starches ranging from pap, samp with beans, basmati rice, baked bread etc.  Then you get game meat, grilled chicken, stews, potjies, seafood etc. By the way, their grilled chicken is the best.  There’s a wide range of salads to choose from.  Then there’s dessert, chocolate hot sponge pudding, apple crumble, some chocolate brownies mmmmmmm! I’m getting hungry as I’m busy writing this post.

We had our meal in the buffet tent and then went outside to sit on the couches.  As it gets a bit chilly the waiters will offer you a blanket.   There’s nothing like sitting on a couch under a tree with your best buddies, sipping on cocktails and some wine on a sunday afternoon.  Talk about bliss!  All in all, it is just a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  If you have time you can also do a wine tasting.  We had an amazing time!

The majority of young people like to hangout at a shisa nyama’s on Sunday afternoons and it’s usually crowded.  Infact, hanging out at shisa nyama’s on a Sunday afternoon is the new trend. However, if crowds aren’t your thing and relaxation is then try out the Moyo buffet.  Relax and have a feast, after all you have to go back to work on a Monday morning.

Okay now let me carry on with my song…….”you don’t own me, don’t try to change me in any way. You don’t own me, don’t tie me down cause I’d never stay”…..

I’ll be posting more pictures on the facebook page.

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