Traditional Summer Wedding – Umtshato Kwa Nolali


It’s 2016 y’all!  Still trying to ease myself into the new year with a positive attitude and blah blah blah…and by that I mean all those things we hope for when we get into the new year.


Summer Wedding


How was your holiday?  I spent mine in Cape Town doing absolutely nothing, catching up on movies and reality shows on TV.  Sounds like fun doesn’t it?  Nah!  Being in the Eastern Cape, attending a wedding, funeral or umgidi of a stranger would have been more fun.

A friend of mine, Mandy and her family had an amazing wedding ceremony and I couldn’t stop glaring at the images she posted on her Facebook account.  I just had to ask for their permission to share some of them with you.


Summer Wedding
The groom’s sister, Mandy


Mandy’s brother,  Masilibale Xhasumzi Stoto made an honest woman of his sweetheart and baby mama, Vuyokazi Tora, at a joyous ceremony attended by family, friends and of course the community.  The ceremony took place in the rural part of the Eastern Cape – at Mt Fletcher – Lower Tsitsana Village, eQobeni.


Summer Wedding



Here comes the bride…..

Summer Wedding


The celebrations occurred in #OPW fashion; there was a white wedding ceremony followed by a traditional ceremony.   Unlike the weddings in the popular show who take place in two to three days, this one took place in one day – white wedding took place at 1 pm and traditional wedding including reception took place at the groom’ grandparents’ house at around 3 pm on the 26 December 2015


The glowing bride and groom were seated at their table which was beautifully doned in orange and white – the theme colours.  A four tire cake  was also decorated to go along with the theme.

Summer Wedding


IMG-20160107-WA0012 (1)


In Xhosa tradition, the bride is then dressed up in traditional makoti gear and given a new name – igama lomzi.  The latter is the responsibility of the groom’s sister, Mandy.

“I named here Luthando (its love).  I had other names in mind but the reason behind my choice is that our uncle passed away a week before the wedding.  There was a high possibility that going to be postponed.   My uncle formed part of onozakuzaku (the negotiators), but the family (amaMpinga) decided to let it continue because that’s what he would have wanted.  To me that symbolizes love :-)”

Luthando dressed in her makoti gear
Luthando dressed in her makoti gear


Food & Guests

The Guests indulged in feast which encompassed snacks in-between.





Well, everyone was happy, the groom got his bride and she looked amazing with her bride’s maids.



We see a lot of people putting severe pressure on themselves when it comes to weddings – they book expensive venues and I find that totally unnecessary.  Rural parts of the country are so underrated in terms of scenery.  But those open spaces, green back grounds with rivers, mountains and livestock are EVERYTHING.




This is how you do it guys!  At the end of the day, a wedding is all about celebrating with your family, friends – the people you grew up with.  Big up to the Stotos for doing it their way and making rural weddings cool.  Let’s take it back to the basics, siyeke ukuzisokolisa.   Utsho no Unathi in the video below.


Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Stoto!

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