Spring Onion and Mushroom Diphaphata (Flat Bread) with Feta Cheese

Diphaphata Post

The first time I made this bread it was for my column.  For some reason some of my readers have been asking me to feature it on the blog as well. ……..

It is bread originating from Botswana.  This bread reminds me of the Flat Bread I prepared at Moyo.  However, this one came out better considering that the one I prepared at Moyo was called the map of Africa by the staff members.  I was gonna go out of town for a week and had some mushrooms and spring onion together with cheese in the fridge and wanted to do away with them.  I decided to use them on the bread in a blended form.

The results were amazing!  You pick up the spring onion and mushroom taste in the bread.  I love simple food so for me I could just eat it on its own but feel free to serve it with something else.  On the picture I’ve served it with Werda Mexican Bean Salad.  It’s a great combination.  The bread can be served as a starter (just like they do it at Moyo) or it can be served with something else as part of a finger lunch.  Please try the recipe at home and let me know what you think, serve it with something different.  Feel free to also take pictures and share them with me! Enjoy!

Spring Onion and Mushroom Diphaphata (Flat Bread) with Feta Cheese

500ml (2 cups) cake flour

1 tsp sugar

2 heaped tsp baking powder

Pinch of salt

1 Tbsp feta cheese, crumbled

250ml (1cup) milk or water

3 mushrooms, cleaned

2 spring onions



  1. Sift all the dry ingredients together.  Add the feta and mix with your fingertips to the dry ingredients.
  2. In a blender, add milk, mushrooms, spring onion and blend until smooth.
  3. Add the milk mixture to the flour and slowly and knead until dough is elastic.
  4. On a floured surface, flatten a small portion of the dough with hands or a rolling pin.
  5. Cut in circles using a cookie cutter (I used a 7cm wide cookie cutter).
  6. Add a little cooking oil to the pan.  Place dough circles on the heated pan.
  7. Brown both sides at medium to high temperature.
  8. Serve immediately.

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Thuli Gogela is a Food Technologist with 8 years of experience developing products in food manufacturing. She is dedicated to discovering wholesome traditional dishes and recipes with a distinctive taste from different parts of the African continent. Thuli is well known for her food blog, Mzansi Style Cuisine which was established in 2010. She saw a gap in the traditional food market that people were hungry for. From there, it didn’t take long to build her brand. In 2013, she started writing a recipe column for the Cape Times for and has collaborated with some of the biggest brands in South Africa namely, Knorr, Nedeburg Wines, First Choice and Spekko rice. Not only does Thuli feature traditional African dishes, she’s also open to developing recipes, food consultations and brand collaborations.

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