15 Reasons We Love Somizi’s Insta Food Game

There are so many reasons to love Somizi right now; he brought life to Idols SA and boy did he get us laughing until our cheeks hurt during the auditions! More than that, Somgaga is an inspiration to a lot of people in the continent – nowadays people expect overnight success. Somgaga’s been at it since forever and his persistence and passion only prove what we already know; Rome is indeed not built in a day. Let’s let him live and enjoy his hard work.

We love his love for cooking, eating healthy food, self-love and maintaining a healthy body. Take a look at some of our favourite pictures:

1. He treats himself like royalty like he should:

2. He makes his food under 3 minutes:

3. Sometimes its made within 20 minutes:

Chicken breasts. Greens. Spinach ginger and mint juice. All made under 20 min

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4. His cutlery and crockery are on point:

5. He loves left overs:

6. He eats healthy food – Health comes first:

Bfast on the go

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A quickie lunchie before I head for a long rehearsal

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7. He makes his own juice like a boss:

8. When it comes to dinners, Som Som doesn’t play!

The Premier. Dzinner

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9. He works out:

At least I tried for the first time

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This look is inspired by @letshegozulu

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10. He presents his food in a stylish manner:

11. He cooks with wine:

12. He makes everyone drool:


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13. He eats oysters for lunch

Lunch time

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14. Every now and then, he indulges in township food:

It doesn't get better than hood

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15. He only uses fresh quality ingredients

Let's make this dinner. Healthy eating to make up for the hectic lifestyle and weekend.

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Image Credit: Somizi’s Instagram

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