Something For Mom: Introducing Blue Ribbon Mother’s May


Imagine taking Mother’s Day and making it even bigger? Impossible? Think again! In 2018, Blue Ribbon has decided to give mothers across the country a chance to experience a Mother’s Day like never before.

Instead of only one day to celebrate the heartbeats of society, Blue Ribbon is taking over an entire month of May to give back to moms in South Africa.

Mother’s May is a celebration of moms every single day for an entire month- showing appreciation for all they do. Be it time, treats or travel- all moms are different and have different desires. This year they stand the chance to be appreciated, and so much more, courtesy of Blue Ribbon, who are asking moms to tell them what they really really want for Mother’s Day.


Mother’s May also seeks to create an open and honest conversation for mothers across the country where they have an opportunity to divulge what their guilty pleasures and desires are, with like-minded moms across the country.


Mother’s Day is a very important day on most people’s calendars- a time to show appreciation and give back to our moms or mother figures in our lives.  Whether it’s a gift or simply time, we want moms to experience the perks of the day for longer than 24 hours.  Mother’s May is just that! Blue Ribbon has put together tailored experiences that give back to moms in a memorable way. We also want to get the conversation going and hopefully impact mom’s lives for the better, and have some fun while doing it,” commented Blue Ribbon Senior Brand Manager Thoko Zungu.


Every day for the whole month of May 55 lucky ladies will win experiences from movie dates, spa days, shopping vouchers and more.  The Mother’s May campaign kicks off on the 2nd of May and throughout the month thousands of prizes and giveaways will take place to keep the festivities alive in true Mother’s May fashion.


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