Shoprite’s CEO, Whitey Basson, Takes the Plunge for Charity

A lot of exciting events took place in Sun City last weekend.  Finals for the Championship Boerewors and the Huisgenoet Skouspel were just some of those exciting events…

Whitey Basson, CEO of Shoprite/Checkers, accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge after a nomination from Truworths’ Michael Mark and a number of other business associates.


In accepting the Challenge he donated boerewors in true retail fashion to the value of R100 000 and 99 cents to a number of schools in the country to use in fund raising events. “We need to create jobs in South Africa which we continuously do at Shoprite but I also believe we need to teach our children how to be entrepreneurs and create more jobs from a young age.”


Basson challenged learners at the schools receiving the boerewors to become entrepreneurs and double their money by selling boerewors rolls with the donation they receive through fundraising efforts for their schools.

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He extended the Ice Bucket Challenge to the heads of ten large South African schools challenging them to make a difference in previously disadvantaged communities.


Well-known South African singer, Kurt Darren, poured the bucket of ice over Mr Basson’s head to the delight of a huge crowd that gathered at South Africa’s Championship Boerewors event at Sun City to crown the country’s top boerewors maker, see featured video.  Koos van Dyk from Polokwane in Limpopo walked away with the 2014 title.

I love that Mr Basson is encouraging young people to be proactive and learn ways of making a living instead of waiting for hand-outs.  As a country we need more of that encouragement.


The winner’s delicious recipe will go on sale to the public at all Shoprite and Checkers stores from Friday, 10 October 2014.  

You better set a reminder to go buy it!

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