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The Savanna marketing team has been keeping a close eye to the lifestyle, wants and needs of their consumers and they surely are having their ears on the ground in terms of industry trends…..

After 17 years in its iconic clear glass bottle, Savanna Premium Cider has now branched into the can format, to meet consumer demand for cans.   “The can is more convenient for our fans,” says Liezl Dippenaar, Marketing Manager Savanna: Southern Africa.  It’s lighter.  It’s tougher.  It’s more versatile.  It’s stackable. It chills faster and stays chilled for longer.  What’s more, you can take it places, on your head or while using public transport more easily.  You can open it anywhere, without a bottle opener, for instance when you are at an impromptu social occasion, when you’re camping, at a musical festival, an outdoor event, or carrying stock to your house party.”

“The Savanna brand is stronger than ever and the launch of the can will show consumers – who are asking for more versatility – that we have their interests at heart,”   Dippenaar explains “If you look at our iconic bottle, its simplicity is what makes it unique, unpretentious and classic.  To replicate that on a can was quite a challenge.  We are very proud of the design that incorporates our bottle shape , but deconstructs our logo elements to create something that is distinctively different to our competitors.  The gold colour also has impressive consumer appeal and our loyal fans have commented positively on the design in all our social spaces.”

Klaus Hass, sales & marketing director of Nampak Bevcan, the manufacturers of the new Savanna Dry can, says the move towards cans is an important industry trend.  He continued “Many consumers are demanding cans because they are the greenest choice in beverage packaging.   Over 72% of all beverage cans produced in South Africa are collected for recycling.  That is almost double that of any other beverage packaging type. “

“Since cans cool quickly and stay that way longer it uses less energy for refrigeration while allowing consumers to enjoy ice cold drinks for longer.”  “Cans are also hassle free.  They are lightweight.

Party goers at the Because we Can Paty - Groova Lounge (Kwa Ace), Khayelitsha
Party goers at the Because we Can Paty – Groova Lounge (Kwa Ace), Khayelitsha

In celebration of the new can Savanna threw a “Because we CAN” party at Groova Lounge (Kwa-Ace) in Khayelitsha.  Savanna consumers came in numbers regardless of the chilled winter weather.  Some of your favourite DJ’s such as DJ Glen Lewis (Metro FM) and DJ Vinni Da Vinci were entertaining the crowds, interacting and posing for pictures with party goers.  It was not just your usual all the way boozy environment.  There was something for everyone, cool games were provided as well as the super cool and innovative Savanna Can Couch (a couch made up of Savanna Cans).  We got to pose for pictures sitting on the couch!  That was cool!  The party was epic!

I’m all for the CAN! Big up to Savanna for keeping up with the needs of their consumers.  Plus, they chose the perfect time to launch as the picnic season is almost upon us.  The Savanna cans are gonna be easy to just put into your cooler box to the picnic!

Well, what do you think of the new can?  Is it better than having to worry about opening a bottle?  Does it taste the same as the Savanna in a bottle?

Savanna VIP
Savanna VIP

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