Restaurant: Cafe Beaulla in Queenstown, Eastern Cape

The first time I went to Cafe Beaulla was over two years ago during Summer.   I ordered cocktails and I was seriously not impressed.  This time around, I went back with my sister and brother and we just wanted to get a feel of their vibe.


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Cafe Beaulla is a cozy jazz cafe for the laid back folks, it is a great meeting venue, a place to hang out during the day or listen listen to jazzy sounds and have drinks after work.  Cafe Beaulla has been in operation since 2012 and this was a perfect time for them to open.  Queenstown is growing and right now there’s a significant number of young professionals looking for good places to hang out or have a descent meal.


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Cafe Beaulla has a wide range of items to choose from on their menu which consists of Breakfast, Light Meals and Mains.  The popular items on their menu are their Seafood Platter, Chicken ala King Pizza, Rump and T-Bone Steaks.  We tried out the Chicken ala King pizza and it was SOoooo good and quite filling considering that all three of us shared it.


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This time around we didn’t get to order cocktails because of the cold weather, however, Sandile assured me they are continuously working on improving the quality of the items on the menu.  The service was excellent.   The only thing that turned me off was that they didn’t have wifi.  Hopefully, they’ll have wifi by the time you go there.   Other than that, Cafe Beaulla is worth checking out….

For more info:

Visit Cafe Beaulla Facebook page:

If you happen to be around Queenstown area, check out the place at:

11 Robinson Road (Status Centre)

or call them on: 045 838 5908


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