Pungent Dinner with Pete Goffe-Wood and Tabasco

Last Thursday night was an evening of fine dining with the incredible Chef Pete Goffe-Wood.  It was a beautiful night in Cape Town, the sky was clear, the setting was elegant, and the food was divine.

We arrived at the Kitchen Cowboys, situated in Salt River, around sunset and were warmly welcomed with bubbly; best way to start an evening.  While sitting casually waiting for other guests to arrive, a palate tantalising cold prawn and sweet corn soup was served.  It was then followed by a round of mouth-watering mini burgers; they were so good I had to go for seconds.  I wanted to go thirds, but I had to leave space for what was about to come later on.

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Before Chef Pete demonstrated his fine skills in the kitchen, showing us how he prepared his Risotto and chicken, we were warmly welcomed and given a little bit of background on Tabasco sauce, which is what the evening was all aboutSome interesting facts were mentioned;

  • It was founded in 1868 on Avery Island, Louisiana. To this day, the company is still family-owned and operated at that very same site.
  • A 250ml bottle of Tabasco has 723 drops of Tabasco- that’s how finely they tune their sauce.
  • The peppers used in production of the sauces are aged for three years after harvesting before they are finely crushed and mixed with other ingredients to make Tabasco.
  • The mild Tabasco sauce is made of Jalapenos – if you’re a fan of these peppers, you will definitely love the sauce. I love it!
  • The brand original red sauce is made from three ingredients: peppers, salt and vinegar.

After the Risotto and Cajun chicken demonstration, guests sat around the elegantly set table and a three course dinner was served.  A Tuna Ceviche was served as a starter, this was my favourite, mainly because it incorporated some of my favourite ingredients; there was avocado in it, and I picked up garlic and black pepper as well. That combination was flavoursome!  This was followed by the scrumptious Risotto and Cajun chicken which was demonstrated earlier.  Then a decadently moist Dark Chocolate Cake complemented by a Raspberry Sauce with some real berries as garnish was served.

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I have to say; Chef Pete knows just how to feed people.  Watching the MasterChef SA judge in action was an awesome experience.  He is really good.  The whole experience was entertaining and enlightening at the same time.  It definitely changed my perception of Tabasco Sauce.  I have always thought of it to be this hot sauce that is impossible to eat, and as embarrassing as this is to say, I was not even aware that there is a Mild Tabasco sauce, which I have been using daily since that evening. It does wonders! I am now a Tabasco sauce lover, who would have thought J


I would love to hear your thoughts.  Are you currently using Tabasco Sauce in your cooking at home?

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  • Flee

    OOOhhhh Thuli.. ‘Tabathscoo Rock’s’… It can add a little flavor to something or a huge bite… it is so diverse and tasty, not just burny. I could eat Tabasco on darned near anything… Yummmy..
    This sounds so amazing, what an evening

    • Hi Flee!

      Thanks for your comment! I share your sentiments! We had an amazing time. Personally, I loved watching Chef Pete in action!


      • Flee

        Ohhh give me one night with him to pick his brains and eat his food, oh and that bottle of tabasco he is holding, and I would be in foodie heaven lol…

        • Heheheheeeeee! Ai Flee your comments give me life! 🙂


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