Out and About: Hollywood Scene with Jade Fairbrother at Col’Cacchio Pizzeria


It’s not everyday one gets to have lunch with a playmate who happens to be a chef, one that has been to the playboy mansion at that…..I’m talking about  the absolutely gorgeous Jade Fairbrother…….

Col’Cacchio Pizzeria had a web-based series, which included four video episodes of contestants creating delicious pizza masterpieces.  The public got to vote for their favourite “chef” by tweets.  Jade Fairbrother,  wowed viewers and the public in a nail-biting finale with runner-up finalist, Victoria Stevens.  I got to have lunch with Jade who has now added “celebrity chef” to her accolades in addition to being a model, presenter and actress.

Jade Fairbrother's Hollywood Scene Pizza
Jade Fairbrother’s Hollywood Scene Pizza

Her award-winning Hollywood Scene pizza is a combination of a tomato base, mozzarella, bacon, oven roasted red onion and garlic topped with avo, fresh thyme leaves and crispy onion, with the option to add banana.  At first I was sceptical at the thought of all these savoury ingredients with banana.   However, I got to taste the pizza with and without the bananas.  It’s pretty good either way!  Jade commented “I’m hoping my Hollywood Scene warms the heart and tastebuds in chilly August.  It’s a combination of my favourite flavours with a few special twists”  Well, it’s September now but I’m pretty sure it can still warm your heart! 

The Celebrity Chef Series has raised R140 000 over the past three months.  R5 from the sale of each celebrity chef pizzas is being donated to the Children’s Hospital Trust, fundraiser for the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital and Paediatric Healthcare in the Western Cape.  One month remains to reach Col’Cacchio pizzeria’s target of R200 000.  Help them hit that mark by treating your tastebuds to the last Celebrity Chef masterpiece for 2013 and make a difference.

Jade and Herman Gibbs at Col'Cacchio in Claremont
Jade and Herman Gibbs at Col’Cacchio in Claremont

Visit: http://www.colcacchio.co.za/


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