New Product Alert: Meet the New Lindt HELLO Range

I’m a sucker for chocolate and therefore excited to learn about and try out the new Lindt range.   I had to share my opinions and experience of the range with you……

The LINDT Master Chocolatiers introduce the new HELLO range; a brand new young and vibrant collection of deliciously tasty chocolates, with a modern and colourful design that packages the most innovative chocolate recipes you’re ever likely to meet!


The HELLO range is made up of four exciting new flavours, using the best quality ingredients with a modern twist, designed to make your tummy yummy.


Meet your new friends…

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HELLO my name is Strawberry Cheesecake – Is it me you’re looking for? An irresistible combination of melt-in-your-mouth LINDT milk chocolate, sinfully delicious strawberry pieces and a light fluffy cream filling.

The Strawberry Cheesecake is my favourite!  All the chocolates are sublime but I couldn’t put this one down.  The strawberry flavour used is very god.   Infact,it contains 1% strawberries and one can pick the seeds on the flesh of the strawberry, they are contributing to the texture and mouthfeel of this chocolate creating an amazing eating experience.  The strawberry flavour remains lingering in your palate.  Cream cheese rounds off the flavour and gives the filling the creaminess one usually finds from eating a cheesecake. The softness of cheesecake filling yields a melt in your mouth indulgent experience.

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HELLO my name is Cookies and Cream – Smooth LINDT milk chocolate with a tantalising cream filling and crunchy cookie pieces – I’ll make your tummy yummy!

If one wants to get the best of this flavour, I recommend the Chocolate Bits box.  The hearts in the box are filled up with the Cookies and Cream filling and it is seriously decadent!  This variant is made up of the following:  Filled milk chocolate with a delectable combination of 8% cookies and 36% cream.  This flavour will easily get you hooked!

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HELLO my name is Caramel Brownie – A delicate liquid caramel with crunchy biscuit pieces wrapped in smooth LINDT milk chocolate – Pleased to sweet you.

The composition is as follows:  filled milk chocolate with 13 % caramel, 28% brownie cream and 3% dark biscuit pieces which give the chocolate some bitterness followed by lingering sweetness.  However, it is not an overwhelming kind of sweetness. The flavour of hazelnuts also comes through giving this chocolate an indulgent eating experience.

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HELLO my name is Crunchy Nougat – Velvety LINDT milk chocolate with delicious hazelnut nougat and crunchy brittle pieces – Every bite is crunchilicious!

This is the first chocolate that I tried out and it was so good it got me curious to try out the rest.  It is made up of  filled milk chocolate with 38%  nougat, 3% hazelnut brittle and 3% wafer pieces.


All the flavours come in a new on-the-go size stick bar and a larger 100g slab, so your day can be filled with sweetness wherever you are. There is also a box of HELLO chocolates with a selection of different pralines and a tiny heart shaped tin with delicious milk chocolate hearts in cute pink foil wrappings – perfect for saying Hello to someone special.

HELLO range recommended retail prices:

  • HELLO On-the-go size bars 39 g: Recommended Retail Price (RRP) –  R14.95
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  • HELLO Slabs 100 g (See Slab images above): RRP R29.95
  • HELLO Heart shaped tin 45 g: RRP R49.95
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  • HELLO Chocolate Bits box 100 g: RRP R64.95
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The LINDT Hello range is now available only at Woolworths from June 2014.  Be on the look out!


If one is looking for a seriously indulgent experience, the Lindt Hello chocolate range is the way to go!

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