Out and About: Nederburg Women’s Day Lunch and Perfume Blending

Nederburg wines hosted a Women’s Day event at the winery’s estate in Paarl.  The event took place on Sunday 9th and included a perfume blending workshop and a three-course lunch.   Ladies attended with their friends in two’s, three’s and some quadruples – they were dressed up to the nines and looked amazing….


Welcome drinks were served with canapés.


Kumanov Privé Perfume Workshop – Perfume Blending 


The day started off with perfume blending, Danielle of Komakov Perfumery spoke briefly about the trade.   Kumanov believes that it is essential to smell absolutely delicious when making an impression. Each table had about 10 original perfume oils imported from France, Grasse and we had to weave our signature scents from them.  Scent descriptors were available as a guide.   To cut the story short, we got to take home our blended perfumes as well as body creams.  I haven’t been able to give mine a break since the day – I smell like a million dollars every time I put it on.





We were welcomed in a beautifully decorated room and wine soon followed afterwards.   The Red Table chef, Edmore Ruzoza and team prepared a scrumptious four-course meal which was beautifully paired with wines from the Nederburg Heritage Heroes Range.  New cellar master, Andrea Freeborough did a sterling job of explaining the similarities between perfume blending and winemaking.  She took us through each wine as the courses were served.


Each course sparked a conversation and the ladies couldn’t stop raving…one of them went on to say “I’m a stingy person, but this meal *pointing to the plate in front of her* is so worth my R350”



Heritage Heroes Range 

Nederburg Heritage Heroes range HR


The Anchorman 2013 –  A wooded Chenin blanc that commemorates Nederburg founder, Philippus Wolvaart.   It has a well balanced, fresh and fruity taste with a beautiful minerality and an excellent structure.

The Young Airhawk 2013 – A wooded Sauvignon blanc that remembers talented winemaker, Arnold Graue, who died an untimely death in a flying accident.  The Young Airhawk is fresh, crisp and zesty with a creamy texture.

The Beautiful Lady 2013  – An aromatic Gewürztraminer that recalls Johan Graue’s wife, Ilse, who brought grace, hospitality and a beautiful rose garden to Nederburg.   Elegant, nuanced and well balanced with floral notes flowing onto the palate.  Its sweetness is more suggested overt, enlivened by good acidity.

The Brew Master 2011 – A Bordeaux – style red blend that honours Johann Grue, a pioneering winemaker, who was amongst the earliest to recognize that vineyard quality dictates wine quality.  The Brew Master is made from a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Malbec, Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc.  Expect it to be full-bodied, classic and complex with juicy dark-fruit flavours, savoury notes and powerful soft ripe tannins.   Fantastic integration of wood and fruit.

The Motorcycle Marvel 2011 – A Rhone-style blend that pays tribute to Günter Brözel, a former Nederburg’s cellarmaster who brought international acclaim to the winery.  This blend includes Grenache, Carignan and Shiraz as well as a small percentage of Mourvèdre and Cinsaut.   A rich and intense, full-bodied explosion of flavour with ripe and silky tannins and an excellent integration of fruit and wood.


I felt like a million bucks the whole day and the day was filled with laughter, meeting new and interesting people and for a while one forgot about their lives and lived in the moment, click on the featured video to get a glimpse of the event.   The day served as a reminder that one can do small things on a daily basis that can make one feel good and take care of themselves.   Women’s day or the pampering can continue throughout the year and we owe it to ourselves….

Lessons Learnt from just attending the event


  • When you mix a good bunch of ladies in a room, put together the food and wine they get talking and interacting. I’ve seen this on numerous occasions, in these types of setups everyone forgets about their social standing and we just communicate with other women.   In this occasion, a topic about Ben 10’s was started and got everyone giving their two cents.
  • The perfume blending workshop served as a reminder that as women we need to nurture ourselves. Basically, love ourselves first and foremost.  We always get carried away looking after other people and tend to forget ourselves.   There are so many things one can do to for those me-time moments:
    • Soak yourself in a foam bath and bath salts with a glass of your favourite wine and just embrace the moment.
    • Get your nails done whether you do them at home or make an appointment at a nail salon.  Just do it for you.
    • Every woman needs to go to a hair salon at least once a month, get your scalp massaged and get your hair done.
    • Buy those clothing items that make you feel like a million bucks, a friend of mine likes to remind me that ‘hey girl we wake up at 4:30 am every morning so let’s spoil ourselves’.  It is true ladies, do it for yourselves, reward yourselves.
    • Buy a novel and just read it, let your mind escape into another world and you’ll end up picking up a new perspective of looking at things, and some new vocabulary. Reading is one of those small priceless things one gets to do for themselves with themselves.
    • Buy that perfume you’ve been eyeing, get it, girl, you are worth it.
    • Buy that pair of heels you’ve been dreaming about.


We tend to idolise people on social media, magazine or TV and forget that we also have our lives to live.  Ladies love begins within.  When we love ourselves we become happy and the people in our circles pick up on that will they appreciate you for it.


Thank you to Nederburg and Komakov Perfumery for the awesome reminder.  It was a day well spent; the food and wine were amazing and the pairings. This was a great way to also get acquainted with the whole Heritage Heroes range – I must say it is a stunning range.  One of the ladies put it nicely when she said “You’ll see more of us, we will be coming back and we’ll bring our friends.”

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Take a look at Kristen Van Niekerk’s video from the event:

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