RECIPE: Shaken Amarula Martini For Mother’s Day

By now we hope everyone has an idea of what to do to show appreciation to their moms, aunts, the makhulu who always sacrifices a bit of her pension money, that nosy neighbour who always has your back!  Be it breakfast in bed, a home-cooked meal or a lunch at a fancy restaurant, moms will appreciate the effort. Here’s something else they’ll enjoy!

This Mother’s Day, make her an Amarula Espresso Martini, a recipe for pure indulgence from the first to the last sip. It’s hard to beat a cocktail that combines what are arguably three of the best tastes in the world: Amarula Cream, chocolate and coffee.


Make her day that much more special by presenting her with a beautiful Amarula gift pack too! You can choose from a bottle of Amarula Cream offered with two glasses or a gift pack that comes with a bottle and a fun lantern. There’s also the bottle packaged with a beautiful collector’s edition coffee cup and saucer featuring a design by South African graphic artist and printmaker Motsamai Thabane. And don’t forget the Amarula-infused chocolates or fudge!


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Happy Mother’s Day to all moms out there!




Amarula Cream shaken with hot espresso and Nachtmusik chocolate liqueur. Served straight up in a chilled martini glass and completed with a dollop of whipped cream, coffee beans and a chocolate dusting.




2 shots (50 ml) Amarula Cream

1 ½ shots hot espresso or strong brewed filter coffee

½ shot (12.5 ml) Nachtmusik chocolate liqueur


Glass: Chilled martini (no ice)


Garnish: Shaved or grated white, milk and/or dark chocolate



  1. Pour the Amarula Cream, hot espresso or coffee, and Nachtmusik chocolate liqueur into a cocktail shaker or container with a lid to seal.
  2. Shake well and strain into the chilled martini glass. Do not add ice. Garnish with shaved or grated white, milk and/or dark chocolate.


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