MasterChefSA Winner: Kamini

Image Credit: Heat Magazine Twitter feed
Image Credit: Heat Magazine Twitter feed

Last night, almost every South African was sitting on the edge of their seats rooting for the two ladies that made it to the MasterChefSA finals, Kamini and Leandri……..

At the end of last year, I happened to be tasting cheese and wine at Fairview Wines, guess who else what there?  Kamini and a friend were tasting and the friend was a bit loud and I couldn’t help but hear her mention something about Kamini getting ready for the second season of MasterChefSA.  At the time, Kamini and myself were not acquainted.  However, from that pincident I knew that she was going to be one of the contestants.  As a result I was not suprised when I saw her at the Pizza Challenge/Food Blogger Episode.   I got a chance to chat with her at the media dinner hosted by Tsogo Sun and told her about her trying out wines and preparing for MasterChef.   According to what she told me, she put in a lot of preparation into being a contestant.  Therefore, it is not suprising that she took the title.

On the otherhand, Leandri was awesome, the girl really represented!  I am sure all the scientists including science students in the country were rooting for her.  She showed the country scientists are not confined into being lab rats and I loved how she applied her science knowledge into her cooking!  These two ladies made up a great show last night.  They kept us entertained and triggered a social media frenzy!  Viewers had differing opinions as to who was more deserving of the title.  What do you think of last night’s episode?  See some of the views from twitter below:

Vanessa Perumal @vanessaperumal – “Two Indians in a row #MCSA and its not on Gupta TV = I think this confirms the spice genes makes yummy cuisine xx well done Kamini”

Taaza M Banda @Eon_93 – “Congratulations to #Kamini for winning #MCSA… Just seen the finale. Stayed off twitter till I saw it myself. Lol.”

Dave Duarte @DaveDuarte – “Congrats @KaminiPather on your #mcsa win – inspiration for foodie bloggers:)”

Verushka Ramasami @Verushka143 – “So I have decided will marry a man than gives me   a @MasterChef_SA kitchen   with @WOOLWORTHS_SA pantry   and @LeCreusetSA pots and   pans #MCSA


Tsogo Sun @TsogoSun – “Read more on our sponsored prize to the #MCSA winner here:… #MAIA

Jane-Anne Hobbs @Jane_Anne62 – “#MCSA Whatever your feelings about @masterchefsa, this reality show has switched young people on to cooking, & I love that.”

Leandri van der Wat @This_is_Leandri “LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE cooking in this finale! Having the GREATEST fun ever. Love the support, love the moment. So grateful.”

Taryn @tazzlebean – “@SelineVW ai sissie, I was in tears the support you showed for @This_is_Leandri was so heartwarming!!”

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