Marina Sea Salt Introduces The New Lighthouse Packaging

New innovative packaging to look out for………


Swartkops Sea Salt (PTY) LTD, trading as Marina Sea Salt, is situated in the coastal town of Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape.  It is South Africa’s biggest independent salt supplier, and have been cultivating sea salt from the sea since the 1950’s.

Pure ocean sea water, natural sunlight, the cool coastal breeze and a decent amount of patience are the ingredients in Marina’s finely cultivated, natural, organic product.  Unlike regular table salt that is chemically produced within 48 hours, Marina’s natural cultivation process takes between eighteen and twenty four months to complete.  This means that the final product you receive in store are the purest minerals from the sea, the way nature intended.

Marina Salt understands that when you’ve got your salt in packets in the cupboard, with clothes pegs to keep the bag sealed, you end up with loose salt covering the shelf.


The Lighthouse


A light house is a beacon.  It stands tall, and steadfast through the tempest and the calm.  It is a symbol of hope, strength, guidance and safety, even in the darkest of times.  It’s beams stretch across troubled water, piercing through the most violent of storms to bring home the lost.

It is with these principles that Marina Salt have guided their business practices as being steadfast in the industry through quality, integrity and innovation.

With that in mind, Marina Salt have launched their new range of naturally cultivated Sea Salt in the innovative Lighthouse packaging.


The Packaging

The all new 750g Stand-Up refill pouches (see featured image) come complete with an easy-to-use, and easy-to-pour pouring spout.  Simply open the nozzle, pour in your salt, reseal and store.  No mess.  No fuss. And no moisture in your salt.

The refill pouches come in 750g value packs, while the Lighthouse flask comes in 500g with an easily removable screw-on lid for refilling, so you can easily refill your salt shaker and have some left over salt for those “just in case” moments.  Not only that, the Lighthouse flask includes a dual shake-and pour-function.

And, as part of their commitment to the natural, eco-friendly processes, both the Lighthouse flask and pouch are made from Polythylene terephthalate (or PET) materials ensuring that the packaging is safe, non toxic and above all, facilitates an easy recycling process to lessen the human impact on our environment.  Once the pouch is empty, it has many other re-usable functions, like liquid container or a frozen ice pack in a cooler bag.


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