Fine Dining: La Petite Colombe Set To Open In Franschhoek


Franschhoek – the world-renowned and picturesque food and wine capital of South Africa, is abuzz with the imminent opening of the iconic La Colombe’s new La Petite Colombe, which is replacing The Tasting Room at Le Quartier Français – an exciting new partnership with the owners of the stylish and luxurious Leeu Collection.


La Petite Colombe Fine Dining


Proprietor chefs and business partners, Scot Kirton (Eat Out Chef of the Year 2015) and Head Chef, James Gaag, will be directing a highly talented and select team, to honour the heritage of this fine venue, and marry it with the La Colombe magic. The Franschhoek kitchen will be headed up by the talented, young La Colombe chef, John Norris-Rogers, who will be working side-by-side with chefs Scot and James.


La Petite Colombe Fine Dining


La Petite Colombe will have a striking new interior, styled by architects Rohan Young and the Leeu Collection’s interior designer, Beverley Boswell. The interiors will be classic, with a modern-country accent.


The innovative 8- and 12-course tasting menus will welcome guests with a stylistic and flavor familiarity to that of the award-winning La Colombe, focusing on the finest local and seasonal produce, and recommended with a rare and fine wine selection.


La Petite Colombe Fine Dining


La Petite Colombe will open on the 01 August 2017, with online reservations now available via the website;


La Petite Colombe Fine Dining


With La Colombe being a perennial fine-dining favourite for locals and international guests alike, one should expect a culinary extravaganza, with a hint of familiarity, and perhaps a surprise or two…


La Petite Colombe Fine Dining




As one of the best restaurants in the country (and the world), it is no surprise that La Colombe has been snatching up accolades.  Take a look at La Colombe awards listed below:


World’s 50 Best Restaurants Awards (73rd position)



Eat Out Top 10 Restaurants (Runner-up)

Eat Out Service Excellence Award

Eat Out John Psillos Outstanding Contribution to Service Award (Jennifer Hugé)

Trip Advisor Top 20 Restaurants in the World

Trip Advisor Best Restaurant in Africa

World’s 50 Best Restaurants Awards (76th position)



Eat Out Top 10 Restaurants (Runner-up)

Eat Out San Pellegrino Chef of the Year (Scot Kirton)

Trip Advisor 2nd Best Restaurant in Africa


For more info, visit;


La Petite Colombe Fine Dining


Image Source: Micky Hoyle Photography

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