Jeera’s BURST of New Flavours for Tea Time


True indulgence, explosion of unique Indian flavours and a complete sensory overload are just some of the words that come to mind when one thinks of Suncoast Hotel’s Jeera Afternoon Tea experience.


New Flavours For Tea Time


Following the initial launch of the Jeera Afternoon Tea Experience in December 2015, Executive Chef, Sandren Govender and his team went on a yearlong tea journey to refine and introduce NEW and distinct flavours not forgetting a modern twist to the old favourites – promising to give guests something truly unforgettable with every sip.




Guests can enjoy a relaxed environment where they can take in the fresh aromas and enjoy a selection of their favourite delectable sweet and savoury treats the Jeera way!


New Flavours For Tea Time


Every detail has been considered in providing a truly remarkable dining experience.  We excited to see our guests being taken on a journey through tea, spice and confectionary which perfectly combines traditional and eastern” says Lettisha Singh General Manager, Suncoast Hotel and Towers.

When we started on the Afternoon Tea journey we wanted to make sure we pair the Jeera tea selection with just the perfect treats and provide a really comprehensive dining experience for all guests to enjoy. We introduced some new flavours of teas, a combination of bitesize treats, refreshing cocktails and also creatively kept in the classics” shared Executive Chef Sandren Govender.


New Flavours For Tea Time
Executive Chef Sandren Govender


Jeera’s Afternoon Tea is served any day of the week, and at only R 210 per person, one doesn’t have to wait for those special occasions to indulge in some afternoon tea delight.


New Flavours For Tea Time
Jeera Tea Selection

BOOKINGS:  Jeera’s Afternoon Tea bookings are essential and will only be available for groups of four or more. For more information, contact Seshnie Padayachee on (031) 314 7878.

It’s time to chill and tea!


New Flavours For Tea Time

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