It’s time to DETOX!

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Coming back from the festive season I’m sure most of us are feeling guilty of over eating and consuming calorie dense foods such as meat, meat, more meat, alcoholic beverages, sweets, etc.

Now it’s a new year we want a fresh start.  Some of our resolutions include going to the gym, eating healthy, drinking plenty of water etc.  That is all good but before we get to that we need to do a little spring cleaning first.  Its time to detox! 

 Ke janaworry  boss, most people are stressed out about financial issues.  All the money that was spent during the festive season, now kids have to go to school and us adults have to go to work.  Life must continue but unfortunately all that stress also leads to toxic buildup in our bodies. 

When our bodies are highly toxic and unable to release or break toxins, they are then stored within the fatty tissue, blood and organs such as the colon, liver and the brain. Therefore the body needs to hold on to water and fat in order to dilute both water soluble and fat soluble toxins, hence the unexplained weight gain.  That could explain why some of us have picked up a few kilos during the holidays hehe!

So far I’ve mentioned poor diet and stress as the causes of toxic buildup.  Some include constipation, eating late at night, lack of exercise etc.

So how can you tell you are suffering from toxicity, what symptoms to look out for?  Symptoms such as anxiety, gas, irritability, bad breath, insomnia, depression, headaches, sudden weight loss or gain are warning signs.

Now, let’s have a look at some of the foods that can help detoxify.

  • Reduce your intake of animal protein, especially dairy foods.
  • Avoid fried and fatty foods, sugary foods and fast foods.
  • Increase the intake of the following foods:
  • Fresh fruit  
  • Fresh vegetables such as broccoli, onions, garlic, green leafy vegetables, cauliflower, beetroot, carrots etc.
  • Rice more especially brown rice and also basmati rice
  • Beans, peas and lentils
  • Nuts & seeds namely sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, cashews, almonds, walnuts.  Peanuts are not advised.
  • Cook using extra virgin olive oil
  • Teas – herbal, rooibos & green tea.  Try to avoid teas with caffeine.
  • Drink lots of water and lemon

You might also want to try this liver and gallbladder flush procedure from the book, A woman’s body balanced by nature by the author Janet Maccaro. 

Monday – Saturday afternoon:

  1. Drink as much apple juice as your appetite will permit in addition to your regular meals and supplements that you regularly take.  The apple juice should be unfiltered and free of additives and preservatives.
  2. At noon on Saturday, you should eat a normal lunch.
  3. Three hours later, take 2 teaspoons of Epsom salts in about 60mls (4 Tbsp) of water.
  4. Three hours later, repeat step 3.
  5. You may have grapefruit or other citrus (lemon) juice for your evening meal.
  6. At bedtime, you may have one of the following:
  • One half cup of unefined olive oil followed by a small glass of  grapefruit juice.
  • One half cup of warm, unrefined olive oil blended with ½ cup of lemon juice.  Use a blender to whip the oil and the juice together.  This will improve the taste and texture.  Use a straw to drink the mixture.

 7. Following step 6, you should go to bed immediately and lie on your right side with your right knee pulled close to your chest for thirty minutes.

8. One hour before breakfast the next morning take 2 teaspoons of Epsom salts dissolved in 60 ml (4Tbsp) of hot water.

9. Be sure to continue with your normal diet and any nutritional supplements.

 Happy detoxing!!!



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Thuli Gogela is a Food Technologist with 8 years of experience developing products in food manufacturing. She is dedicated to discovering wholesome traditional dishes and recipes with a distinctive taste from different parts of the African continent. Thuli is well known for her food blog, Mzansi Style Cuisine which was established in 2010. She saw a gap in the traditional food market that people were hungry for. From there, it didn’t take long to build her brand. In 2013, she started writing a recipe column for the Cape Times for and has collaborated with some of the biggest brands in South Africa namely, Knorr, Nedeburg Wines, First Choice and Spekko rice. Not only does Thuli feature traditional African dishes, she’s also open to developing recipes, food consultations and brand collaborations.

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  • I am on day 4 of my detox – and am still craving a cappucino!!! Oh well – next week xxx

    • Well done Janice!! When you get your cravings rather drink rooibos tea. Keep going you are almost there, we need to get rid of those toxins! Thank you for your comment! 🙂

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