Health & Fitness: 20 Minute Workout Session At Bodytec

They say summer bodies are made in winter, right?

We tend to come up with all sorts of excuses for not exercising, especially in winter.  It’s cold, raining, there’s no money, no time etc.

Last week, I shared the teaser and link to Khabonina’s fitness video, Julukment.  This week I tried out a technologically advanced form of exercise.  I had an intense 20 minute workout session at Bodytec…..

What is Bodytec?  I’m quite certain that is the question on your mind.  Trust me, I was oblivious to this form of exercise until recently.

Bodytec is an advanced form of exercising which combines personal training with Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to provide the perfect fitness and all round training solution that enables you to:

  • Quickly, effectively and visibly lose weight
  • Reduce fat content
  • Gently define muscles
  • Increase physical strength and endurance


This method of training has been used by professional athletes and sports rehabilitation centres for decades.  Boris Leyck, owner and founder of Bodytec goes on to explain that the original Bodytec EMS training is a quick and effective exercise routine that can easily fit into even the busiest of lives.  With just one 20 minute session required per week you will feel stronger in 4 – 6 weeks…

I went into my session not knowing what to expect at the same time very curious as to whether the 20 minutes would be sufficient.

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To begin with, I was taken through the process and then got into gear.  As the session commenced, vibrating yet a tickling sensation were felt throughout my body.  I could fill every bit of muscle stretch and flex during the workout.   I was sweating profusely and the 20 minutes seemed like an hour.  To cut it short, my body was sore for two days after that.  But, did I enjoy the session?  Most definitely.  Am I gonna do it again?  Without a doubt.  Therefore, if you have a busy schedule  it would be to your benefit to try and see if these sessions can fit into your lifestyle.  After all, health comes first.


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To a lot of people exercise is not only for losing weight and toning up but to also clear the head.   During my chat with the trainer,  I learnt that one can continue with cardio exercise (if clearing the head or distressing  is the goal) while having the Bodytec sessions once a week.

Share your thoughts, what do you think of of the Bodytec sessions?  Is it something you would like to try out?

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