Have an Easy Breezy Christmas with Woolworths


It’s that time of the year guys!  Isn’t it interesting  how we look forward to relaxing and unwinding at this time of the year? Then comes Christmas, weddings and initiation celebrations….time passes and BOOM it is the new year and we have to go back to work.  What happens to all that rest and relaxation we had anticipated? Can’t we find ways to reduce the rush and demands of the festive season?  Remember that we only have one shot at this ,therefore, we owe it to ourselves to take the time to #CherishTheGiftOfLife



Talking of relaxing,  I would like to share one way to simplify your life during the festive season;



What are your thoughts on the number of people at the shopping centres though?  Eish!



I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t do much shopping at this time of the year, if I do for whatever reason, I go shopping very early in the morning or in the evening an hour before closing.  Having to look for a parking spot, walking around the shops with a trolley (it becomes worse when you are with a kid) and having to spend 30 minutes in the queue gives me anxiety attacks.


Usually, I am in the Eastern Cape at this time of the year, my solution to the festive season shopping craze is to give my mom, sister and /or brother money to go shopping.  That takes care of everything.


Woolworths recently invited me to try out a simpler way to organizing and putting together a Christmas lunch with no hassle at all.  I ordered items to prepare for my lunch from their online store.

My lunch items included a Free Range Leg of Lamb, Whole Chicken, Salads (I love me some Woolies Potato Salad and Coleslaw, Roast Veggies, Potato Bake etc.   To make your Christmas lunch even easier, or if one is getting stuck during the preparation – there are step by step videos with instructions on how to prepare Christmas favourites like your Cheese Platter, deboning a Leg of Lamb etc.  See video below:



That should take care of your Christmas lunch as well as for boxing day!  😉 Have fun!



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