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Do you ever go through a magazine and see interesting stories, topics,  recipes and wish you could have it translated to you?  I do.  I even go to an extent of asking one of my colleagues or friends to translate the stories and some recipes for me.  Well, someone’s been listening to our prayers…..

I happen to be a magazine collector of note more especially food magazines, I have a fetish for all magazines with food and recipes.  Should you come to my place you’ll see a pile of magazines and chances are about 90% of them are food magazines.  A friend once asked, “Don’t you have a magazine I can read except for all these food,” Hehe!

A couple of days ago, a few fashion, food and lifestyle bloggers including myself were invited to have a look at the brand spanking new Good Housekeeping Magazine.  The first issue hit the shelves in November but I got introduced to the second issue, the December issue.

The editor, Sally Emery, took us through the magazine thereafter we stepped into the kitchen and prepared two recipes from the magazine.  We started with the Mixed-pepper & goat-milk cheese puff-pastry plait on page 146 of the magazine and then finished off with the Chocolate-Orange Mincemeat recipe on page 143.

Jaco, Thuli & Sally cooking up a storm!


Good Housekeeping is a magazine for women from all age groups, races, cultures etc.  You relate to the magazine whether you are a parent, married or just single without a child.  After the event, I went through my copy of the magazine.  These are some of the reasons that would make you love Good Housekeeping:

  • It is published in both English and Afrikaans.  Isn’t that cool?
  • It focuses on health matters,
  • It showcases trendy gadgets,
  • It  provides make up advice and beauty tips,
  • It provides parenting and family guidance,
  • It advises on financial / budgeting issues
  • It inspires one to the DIY Décor
  • Personally, I was also touched by the article about giving back on page 90.

At this time of the year most people are looking for Christmas gifts for colleagues, friends and or family.  The magazine guides you to all the trendy, handy, colourful gift items.  It also tells you where to find them and the price.  So, if you are still looking for a gift, get the December issue! Eheee!  They’ve got a wide selection of gift items recommended by experts such as Dorah Sithole, Ruendree Govinder, Ann Donald etc.  I can go on and on.  Basically, Good Housekeeping Magazine encompasses everything ladies need.

Well, ladies and gentlemen that’s not all this magazine has to offer you. Just go out there and get yourself a copy.  I assure you, you will praise me for having introduced it to your life.

For more info about Good Housekeeping Magazine:

Visit the website:

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Follow them on twitter: @GoodHouseSA

Gift Idea:  Spoil the ladies in your life by getting them a Good Housekeeping Magazine subscription! That would make a great unforgettable present. Check out more pictures here.




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Thuli Gogela is a Food Technologist with 8 years of experience developing products in food manufacturing. She is dedicated to discovering wholesome traditional dishes and recipes with a distinctive taste from different parts of the African continent. Thuli is well known for her food blog, Mzansi Style Cuisine which was established in 2010. She saw a gap in the traditional food market that people were hungry for. From there, it didn’t take long to build her brand. In 2013, she started writing a recipe column for the Cape Times for and has collaborated with some of the biggest brands in South Africa namely, Knorr, Nedeburg Wines, First Choice and Spekko rice. Not only does Thuli feature traditional African dishes, she’s also open to developing recipes, food consultations and brand collaborations.

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