Giveaway: Hayden Quinn’s New Cookbook, Dish It Up

In July we eagerly watched the lively Hayden Quinn grace our screens as he explored Cape Town cooking on top of Table Mountain, tasting as well as participating in the preparation of one of South Africa’s favourite dishes – a bobotie.  From the onset, the show promised to be captivating, be full of adventure and it inspired viewers at home to experiment more with food, get out more and experience life.  I think you would agree that so far the cooking show has not disappointed.  On the episodes we’ve seen so far Hayden Quinn has cooked and immersed himself in the life around Cape Town, Stellenbosch, Paternoster, Franschhoek, Hermanus and Knysna.  Between these destinations he explored South African cuisine from various cultures and we have watched him prepare and try out mosbolletjies, potbrood, duck breast, oysters etc.  Hayden’s interactions with the locals also give an interesting twist to the show while tantalizing our taste buds.

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As with most cooking shows, a delectable illustration and collection of recipes, a documentation of places and experiences become the outcome.  That is the case with Hayden Quinn as he introduces a collection of all the recipes from the show through a cookbook called, Dish It Up.  The recipes are beach-living-inspired and are not only easy but also provide helpful hints on the dishes and ingredients.  Dish It Up is perfect for cooks who aspire to fresh, healthy, mouth-watering food that’s easy to prepare and share.  They are perfect for an outside braai while spending time with friends and family.


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Now,  as a reader and follower of this blog we would like you to get your hands on a signed copy of Dish It Up.  Here’s what you need to do:  watch tonight’s episode of Hayden Quinn South Africa on SABC 3 at 21:30.  Hayden will be preparing a mouth-watering Ostrich Steak sandwhich, all you need to do is to give us three ingredients he uses in the recipe.  That’s not all, you need to let us know what YOU would serve with the sandwhich.   To sweeten up this giveaway, the winner will get to have their picture together with a dish they cooked from Dish It Up on the Expresso Show.

Enter the giveaway by leaving your answer on the comment section of this post, or hit @mzansicuisine on twitter using the hashtag #hqsa.  Entries close on the 26th at 17:00.  The winner will be notified via email by Wednesday the 27th.



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Thuli Gogela is a Food Technologist with 8 years of experience developing products in food manufacturing. She is dedicated to discovering wholesome traditional dishes and recipes with a distinctive taste from different parts of the African continent. Thuli is well known for her food blog, Mzansi Style Cuisine which was established in 2010. She saw a gap in the traditional food market that people were hungry for. From there, it didn’t take long to build her brand. In 2013, she started writing a recipe column for the Cape Times for and has collaborated with some of the biggest brands in South Africa namely, Knorr, Nedeburg Wines, First Choice and Spekko rice. Not only does Thuli feature traditional African dishes, she’s also open to developing recipes, food consultations and brand collaborations.

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  • Talisha

    ostrich steak, ciabatta loaf, paprika

  • Talisha

    ostrich steak, ciabatta loaf, paprika.

    I would add chopped chillies

  • Flee

    OOOhhhh Thuli, I drooled… not only at the food 🙂 LOL…
    He used Ostrich Fillet, which he cooked medium rare, sliced and placed on Chiabatta, he included Avo, and the cucumber and yogurt just makes it looks soooo fresh… Yumm…
    I would serve this as is… Perfect on its own… Thanks :-)!!

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