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In a country with young people realising their potential, taking ownership of their culture and sharing it with the world, South Africa is going through a stage of awakening.    It’s a beautiful stage whereby the youth is realising that all this time we’ve been consumers and there is no better time to start becoming producers.  Being a producer is not easy and it requires hard work, discipline and sacrifice  – but we are aware of that and willing to take on the challenges as we go along.  It’s all about creating a legacy and sending a message to our great grandkids that life is not just about studying to become an employee.  It’s all about being empowered through education in order to empower other people in our communities and create opportunities.  I’m here for all of it, you should be too.


A while back, I got a call from a guy called Rolihlahla, one of the owners of Diva’s Sauces, a small and upcoming company producing artisanal, hand-made sauces.    Before the call, I had no idea of their existence.  On the phone, he came across as enthusiastic, very optimistic with high energy levels and in my head, I was thinking – this guy is driven by passion. 🤲 I loved that.  Get to know more about Diva’s Sauces…..


Who came up with the idea to develop and produce the sauces?

A co-founder of Diva’s Sauces, Dibas, was the inspiration behind the creation of Diva’s Sauces because he is the lover of chilli and spicy food. So whenever he was hungover after a rough night, he’d always want chilli food as a remedy to his circumstance at the moment. Another co-founder of Diva’s Sauces, Divo, used to make Dibas a chakalaka or hot sauce so that he can enjoy his hot meal to quench the bhabhalaz.

Tell us about the sauces, the range? You can go into detail here about each variant.

We have 5 different flavours ranging from the following:

  • LaDiva Epholile: Mild – This is a mild flavour for those who don’t like hot food but want a tasty character on their dish and a tangy kick in their mouth. #LaDivaEpholile
  • LaDiva Peri Peri: Hot – This is a hot flavour for the chilli lovers who enjoy the hot flavour in their food. #LaDivaPeriPeri
  • Habanero Habashwe: Extra Hot – They say it’s extra hot but we say it’s “habashwe”, a township term meaning “death by chilli”. It won’t kill you but you’ll be a fire-breathing dragon full of flavour. #HabaneroHabashwe
  • Baba Q Nama Monate: BBQ Marinate – This is a BBQ marinate that is tangy and will add some divaliciousness to your meat. #BabaQNamaMonate
  • Mnandi Pele Pele: Sweet Chilli – When you mix tangy and sweet you get our mnandi pele pele. This is what we call “naughty but nice” because it has a chilli kick with some sweetness. #MnandiPelePele

Do you source your ingredients from trusted and reputable suppliers? 

We currently stock from different suppliers from street vendors to big fruit and vegetable retails.  At the moment, we don’t have one supplier which is our one-stop supplier, however, we are looking for that one trusted and reliable supplier that can supply us with most of the ingredients we use. With regards to cleanliness, we take that as important as it is next to Godliness, so be it we buy from a trusted supplier or not, we do clean all our ingredients again… Hygiene is one of the most important factors for us and our customers.

How many people work at Diva’s Sauces?

Diva’s Sauces is currently run by two people, Dibas and Divo. We looking at hiring more the minute it balloons to a bigger company. However, we do have a distributor, Tshepo. He distributes around the Soweto area.

What are the hurdles you came across along the way?

The greatest challenge, among others, has been getting customers. But giving people samples to taste has made it easy for people to start putting in orders. Another challenge that we are currently facing is getting Diva’s Sauces on the shelves of giant grocery stores. We haven’t overcome that, however, we work hard and smart to get to that. Siyeza, we coming.  Our third challenge has been to get the recipe right so that Diva’s Sauces can be consistent, we think we’ve gotten that right at this point. Also not having one trusted and reliable supplier of our ingredients has been another hurdle we usually face when we need to buy ingredients.

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What would you say to motivate other upcoming foodie-preneurs to not give up?

If you see that Plan A doesn’t work, try Plan B and if that doesn’t work too then Plan C, D, E… I hope you get the trend.  My point is, we have 26 alphabets that you can plan on and if you’ve reached Plan Z and it still doesn’t work then you can jump to numbers which are infinite.  So keep on trying until you get a formula that works for you because stopping to try is the biggest failure of them all.

Where can people purchase the sauces?

Diva’s Sauces can be found or rather ordered at the following contact details:

  • Email:
  • WhatsApp/Call/Text: 065 812 9114
  • Online Store:
  • Diva’s Sauces Headquarters: 21752/11 Legokobus Street, Vosloorus Ext 6, 1475
  • Sale Venue: Loxion Plaza – 225 Qhamaki Street, Monise Section, Katlehong, 1431
  • App: Explore iKasi


Do you deliver to other parts of the country?

We haven’t delivered as yet in other parts of the country, however, we would like to deliver nationally using courier services. Our policy though is that a client will be liable for courier services costs, provided they order a certain quantity of Diva’s Sauces then we will take care of the courier service costs. In our Ts and Cs we stipulated that delivery is free within 20km radius of Kathorus (Katlehong, Thokoza and Vosloorus), if you are outside 20km radius of Kathorus but within 50 km radius of Kathorus then delivery fees will be charged at R50 and if you are over 50km then courier service will cost you R100 nationally.

Where do you see your business in 5 years’ time?

We want to reach the “Ibaba Kamnandi” goal, which is when Diva’s Sauces have become the number 1 preferred sauces in the kitchens of all South Africans. However, we don’t want to stop at every South Africans’ kitchens but to be internationally recognized as well.


For more info, visit:

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  • Thanks Thuli and Mzansi Style Cuisine family for featuring us in your blog as Diva’s Sauces, we really appreciate it a lot and are very humbled. We hope to grow big and grow Mzansi economy. Hence we hard at work… #IbabaDivalicious with #MzansiStyleCuisine 😋🌶️🔥

    • You are most welcome Dibas! Here’s to wishing you the best with your business. 💪🏽

      • Blessed… All the best to all of us.

  • Zimboy

    I salute you brother I will order it very soon I want that mnandi ubabayo

    • Thanks Zimboy, we are looking forward to serving you with the divalicious sauces in town…

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