Four Cousins Cream Liqueurs Get A Stylish And Trendy Look



“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” If this is true, and who are we to doubt the famous Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw, then what we drink must be a close second. With this “sincere love” of food and wine in mind, the well-known Van Loveren Wine Estate in the Robertson Wine Valley has introduced very sexy and trendy “outfits” for its Four Cousins Marula Flavoured Cream Liqueur and Strawberry Flavoured Cream Liqueur.


The new design moves with the times and is rooted in Africa. It reminds of the shweshwe designs of Africa which is currently very trendy and fashionable worldwide.


“The success of the Four Cousins Marula and Strawberry Cream liqueurs inspired us to change the packaging to reflect the mindset of the consumers,” explains Van Loveren CEO Phillip Retief. “The new packaging contributes to the drinking occasion, supporting the fact that we are rooted in Africa.


The Four Cousins Marula Flavoured Cream Liqueur’s proudly African taste originates from the fruit of the indigenous African marula tree. It is blended to perfection using the finest natural ingredients, captivating the exotic essence of the continent. This rich and creamy liqueur has an alcohol content per volume of 17%.

Four Cousins Cream Liqueurs

The Four Cousins Strawberry Flavoured Cream Liqueur is a rich, elegant and creamy beverage with notes of summer strawberries and fresh cream. It also has a 17% alcohol content per volume.

Four Cousins Cream Liqueurs

Enjoy neat, on ice, over ice cream, or as part of a Dom Pedro-style drink.  Even works beautifully in coffee.


“As with all our products, these liqueurs meet the highest quality standards,” says Retief. “They have already won a gold medal at the 2015 Flexoprint Excellence Awards for their packaging, and we are certain they will become as popular household names as many of our natural wines.”


Both liqueurs are available countrywide at leading retailers and sell for R90 per bottle.

I’m in love with this new look, it is gorgeous and African – more than that it stands out on the shelves.   What do you guys think?


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