Food News: Eastern Cape Dairy Brand; First Choice, is Offering Moms a Platform for Sharing…I Kid You Not

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Finally, I get to feature a brand from my home region, the Eastern Cape!  I have been waiting with baited breath for this moment.  Moms please pay attention, First Choice has an interesting campaign for you to take part in……..

First Choice flavoured milk has created an online platform for moms to share their most memorable or funny stories about their kids, with a chance to win a trip for four to Disney World.  The campaign is based on the fact that kids do and say the funniest things, often at impossible moments – recapping something they heard at home, loudly, in the bank or queue at the supermarket. Moms and dads often have great stories to share at social gatherings.

Now First Choice is offering moms a chance to share these stories on a public platform and stand a chance to win this fantastic prize – a seven night, all inclusive trip to Disney World in Florida in the United States. Two adults and two children under the age of 12 will enjoy all flights, including breakfast and dinners as well as transport within the park.

“We have five different flavours and characters for moms to choose from. All entrants need to do is like the First Choice SA Facebook page, share the story about their child, pick the Moo Kid character that best depicts their child and then upload a photo,” said Tinus Pretorius, Woodlands Dairy General Manager.

Each flavour depicts a character:

Chocolate flavour is Brown Cow, a broad-chested beast and self-proclaimed beefcake who enjoys pushing over tractors, operating heavy equipment and bench pressing the troughs as part of a morning routine.

Strawberry is the Pink Cow – a pampered princess who loves to cuddle and enjoys all the girly gossip in the meadows.

Cola Cow is the chef with pizazz who enjoys serving the most delicious grub for the other cows on the block.

Green Cow’s cream soda flavour encourages mischief and silly giggles.

Blu Cow gives the kids the bubblegum flavour without the mess for mom’s to clean up.

“All these characters will make for an enjoyable experience for moms, connecting their kids with the antics of the different Moo characters,” said Pretorius.

The I Kid You Not competition runs from August to October 2013 and the winner will be chosen by the Daron Mann Breakfast show crew on AlgoaFM.

Share your story on the First Choice Facebook Page:

Visit their website:

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