Thuli Gogela

A foodie by profession, Food blogger and Recipe Developer.  I graduated with BTech: Consumer Science: Food & Nutrition from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

As a young girl growing up in the rural parts of the Eastern Cape Province, I always dreamt of being a Food Technologist. I wanted nothing else and as they say “be careful what you wish for, you might just get it”, I got my wish.  This is my experience ?

Recipe Developer

I worked for 8 years at Bokomo Foods (Pioneer Foods) in the Research & Development.  I started off as an intern, Lab Technician and then promoted to Food Technologist. The experience taught me the ins and outs of Food Manufacturing.  This is where the art of Food Science comes to play.  It’s a fascinating world and yet challenging at the same time.

Content Creator

After I quit my job as a Food Technologist, I was given an opportunity to pursue my passions, food + internet + people.  That came in the form of being a Social Media Manager at one of Africa’s leading Advertising Agency, Liquorice.  This experience got me to use Consumer Science to entice audiences on a digital sphere.  I love it because it’s an opportunity to connect African food brands with their target audiences.  It sounds easy but having to create content for audiences in different parts of the African continent requires a lot of background work. One has to do thorough research and know the audiences. It’s a challenge I welcome with both hands because I’m very passionate about contributing towards the growth of the African content in all matters relating to food.

Food Blogger / Food Writer

Mzansi Cuisine was the name of my recipe column in the Cape Times from September 2012 till 2015. I had the divine pleasure of sharing dishes from different parts of Africa.  The world is getting smaller, in addition, there’s a lot of our brothers and sisters from all over Africa here in South Africa. Let’s embrace them by taking interest and exploring their food.  Besides, when we go to other countries we call ourselves Africans.

My blogging experience has opened amazing doors for me; such as being one of the judges on the Shoprite / Checkers Championship Boerewors.  As one of our traditional foods, this boerewors gives South Africans from all works of life an opportunity of a life time.  Imagine having your boerewors recipe chosen by the people of Mzansi as the number one boerewors in the country!


Enough about me, I hope this blog inspires you to cook!

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