Anyone for Ice Cream? You Are Sorted With First Choice Velvet Dessert!



Hey guys!  For those who don’t know, the dairy manufacturing company, First Choice, asked fans on their Facebook page to guess the dessert I was preparing.  The first hint was that I used First Choice Velvet Dessert to make it.  The second hint was that my kid calls it “akhim!”  A lot of people guessed it correctly.  Yup, I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM!



The reason I went with ice cream is because my kid LOVES it.  Every time I leave the house I have to tell her I’m going out to get “akhim” as she calls it.  Otherwise, she’ll cry her lungs out.

You can imagine how happy she has been now that I have been making the ice cream at home.  A happy kid makes a happy mama, that’s for sure.  Try it with your kids, you’ll thank me later!  🙂 Have fun!


Good luck to those who entered the competition!  Click on the link to visit the First Choice Facebook page

First Choice Velvet Dessert Ice Cream - Strawberry Flavour
First Choice Velvet Dessert Ice Cream – Strawberry Flavour


First Choice Velvet Dessert Ice Cream 

You need:

500ml or 1L First Choice Velvet Dessert, depending on the size of your family

Sugar Cones

Wafer Sticks

Biscuits (optional)



The ice cream is very easy to whip up.  Just follow the directions on the pack, that is, put your favourite First Choice Velvet Dessert in the fridge overnight so that it chills.   I like to add this step to get an airy ice cream – transfer the chilled dessert into mixing bowl and use an electric beater to until it doubles in volume.

Put in the freezer and leave it for about 4 to 5 hours.  Then comes the exciting part – scoop the ice cream into a cone.  You can crumble a chocolate biscuit (I used an oreo) and use that as a topping.  A wafer stick will also make your ice cream more interesting.  Enjoy!


First Choice Velvet Dessert Ice Cream - Chocolate Flavour
First Choice Velvet Dessert Ice Cream – Chocolate Flavour



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