Out and About: Douglas Green Spanish Inspired Launch at Villa 47



Hold your horses Mzansi….  There’s a new sherry in town!

A few weeks ago, I attended the media launch of Douglas Green Sherries at Villa 47 in Bree Street, Cape Town.  It was a fantastic evening with delicious tapas, Spanish sherry and flamenco dancing…..


It’s a known fact that the people of Mzansi love sherry, our first introduction to it was during the cold winter months.   A shot glass of sherry is a perfect way to warm you up instantly.  I was eager to learn what sets the Douglas Green Sherry apart from the ones already on the market.


Douglas Green Spanish Inspired Launch At Villa 47
JC Bekker, Jaco Potgieter, Thuli Gogela and Coenraad Spaumer

The range comprises of three variants; Pale Cream, Medium Dry and Cream Sherry – each produced and bottled in Spain and fully imported for sale in the country under the Douglas Green brand.  I enjoyed all three variants and it’s great to have a variety.  That means we can have a sherry for every mood and occasion.  For an example, after a long day, I would just want to kick off my shoes and enjoy Douglass Green Pale Cream Sherry No.1.  It’s also a perfect drink to share with a couple of girlfriends to get the conversation going.

When an uncle, neighbour or a childhood friend is asking me to buy them a bottle I would definitely go for the Medium Dry Sherry No.2.  I would enjoy Cream Sherry No.3 with a braai.



Douglas Green Spanish Inspired Launch At Villa 47
Douglass Green Pale Cream Sherry




Pale Cream Sherry

This elegant and bright Sherry with a fruity, sweet finish and delicate, pale straw colour, exudes thatchy notes underpinned by floral and yellow fruit aromas.

On the palate, expect honeyed straw and nutty flavours with waxy undertones and a citrus edge, reminiscent of lime and grapefruit. Made from Palomino grapes, it starts life as Fino, aged under flor. Grape must is added to the Fino Sherry, hence the pleasing sweetness.


The finish is fruity sweet and the palate cleans up nicely with a pleasing dryness that invites another sip. It is an ideal companion for delicate soups, pâté and seafood dishes, as well as fruit-based starter salads such as pear and melon, fresh fruit salad desserts, and also with milder blue cheeses such as Gorgonzola dolce, or white Stilton.

Serve it chilled at 6°C in a traditional Sherry glass, or on the rocks as an aperitif in a white wine glass.




















Douglas Green Spanish Inspired Launch At Villa 47
Douglas Green Medium Dry Sherry

Medium Dry Sherry

With its deep fynbos honey colour, this Sherry exudes a thatchiness, dried apricot and peach, and spanspek aromas on the nose. The palate is rich with dried fruit notes, orange and lemon peel, and a pleasing nuttiness with spicy undertones Sherry lovers will enjoy.

It starts life as an Amontillado, which is partially aged under flor, after which it undergoes oxidative ageing and sweetening by the addition of grape must.

This Sherry is best described as opulent, though not heavy, and the finish is pleasingly persistent. It is the perfect accompaniment to a cheese platter (Parmesan, aged cheddar and gruyere are recommended), pâtés and fruit cake, and also complements Christmas mince pies and Christmas pudding. It’s an ideal accompaniment to traditional Spanish tapas such as Pinchitos Morunos (mini pork kebabs).

It can be served chilled to 8°C in summer or at room temperature in winter.


Douglas Green Spanish Inspired Launch At Villa 47
Douglas Green Cream Sherry

Cream Sherry

With a deep mahogany colour and nut-brown edge, this creamy Sherry features a rich complex nose of sultanas, raisins, dried fig, cinnamon and date notes. On the palate, it is rich, opulent and velvety, reminiscent of rum and raisin ice-cream, with a fine, dry finish and a lingering sweetness. It perfectly complements Thai cuisine as it copes well with green pepper and lemongrass induced heat, and is lovely with sweet desserts such as tiramisu, and the heavy blue-vein cheeses, such as Roquefort and Stilton.


The launch was a captivating coupled with so much enlightenment which makes for an interesting introduction to the Douglas Green Sherry.  Flamenco dance was a perfect way to round it all off.  A lot of us have seen the dance on TV, it’s so interesting to see it live.  Those ladies mean business and they seriously maintain eye contact.



Douglas Green Sherry is available at all major retail stores at a recommended price of R130 per bottle.  Remember it is best served around 16°C.

Get to try them and let us know which one is your fave.  I’m caught between No.1 and No.2.  🙂

See images from the launch below:

Douglas Green Spanish Inspired Launch At Villa 47
Sue-Ann Allen and Jeremy Jenkin


Douglas Green Spanish Inspired Launch At Villa 47
Luis Caloca Theola Conyers and Douglas Green jnr with Roberto Gomez and Severiano Campos



Douglas Green Spanish Inspired Launch At Villa 47
Kris Snyman with Sandile Mkhwanazi and Greg Castle


Douglas Green Spanish Inspired Launch At Villa 47
Mike Morrit Smith and Chania Morrit Smith



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