Valentine’s Day And De Krans Cape Pink: Love At First Sight


Time seems to whizz past so quickly these days and as soon as the one holiday is over we move onto the next. The Christmas decorations have been packed away and the next celebration we have to look forward to is Valentine’s Day. A day not only filled with pink, red and anything chocolate, but also a day filled with love and happiness.

What better way to celebrate than to sip, sample and savour the delicious De Krans Cape Pink. This refreshing and fruity port-style wine with a light pink rose petal hue comes packaged in an eye catching frosted bottle. Originally produced by De Krans in 2008 (the first in SA), this fortified wine gives you soft, elegant fruit flavours on the nose with a full mouth taste of strawberries, cherries and candy floss. Although a port-style wine at its core (a blend of Touriga Nacional, Tinta Barocca and Tinta Amarella), this sweet find puts a fresh spin on the perceived idea that a port-style wine is only to be enjoyed in front of the fireplace. With the introduction of the Cape Pink, the owners at De Krans Wine Cellar in Calitzdorp managed to change this traditional way of thinking, and encourage consumers to enjoy this new style chilled.

This paved the way to port-style wine cocktails, which showcases the versatility of the Cape Pink. Enjoy as a fortified wine, a cocktail mixer, a welcoming drink or even as an alcoholic, yet fruity, slushy (this is achieved by adding loads of crushed ice and let it sit for a while), all packaged in one bottle.

De Krans The Original Cape Pink


When better a time to enjoy a bottle of De Krans Cape Pink than in summer and on Valentine’s Day. Be adventurous and let the Cape Pink be your guide when spoiling your loved one with a Valentine’s inspired drink.

These two cocktails are a guaranteed hit:

Ginger Up

Add De Krans Cape Pink to a highball glass filled with crushed ice, a shot of Gin, a dash of bitters and top up with ginger beer. The perfect thirst quencher for summer!

Pink Sunset

Pour De Krans Cape Pink and chilled iced tea in equal amounts into a tall glass. Add sliced strawberries and crushed ice or ice cubes – a great sunset punch!

Another winning combination enjoying a glass of your favourite bubbly with a dash of De Krans Cape Pink (preferably a 3:1 ratio). The versatility of this unique port-style wine allows you to experiments with a multitude of combinations.

Available from most outlets nationwide, the De Krans Cape Pink 750ml retails for approximately R75 per bottle.

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