Cooking With Lorna Maseko And Friends – The Winter Edition


Lorna Maseko’s cooking events typically are cooking classes featuring a professional chef teaching how to replicate his signature dishes. The winter edition, on the other hand, is a sit-down, and be served dinner. Apparently, people don’t like cooking in winter.

The venue was dramatically donned in a black and colour scheme. The flashily lit up City of was the majestic backdrop. The ex-prima ballerina Lorna was stylishly dressed in cobalt blue and black. She definitely looked like an étoile for the night’s theatrical food and entertainment evening in “5 Acts”. The evening’s cuisine was prepared by Michelin Star chef Carlos Gaytan who cooks in a French style, but is influenced by his Mexican roots.

The star guest appearance was Wine Maker Johan Jordan from Spier wine estate who supplied most of the evening’s wine.

Act 1: Starter

Butternut squash soup with fennel and pomegranate seeds paired with Spier Chenin blanc.

The fruitiness of the Chenin and the spiciness of the soup paired well. This curtain-raiser would have been your regular butternut soup had it not been for the elaborate presentation and the “homemade rice crispy crouton”.

Act 2: Ceviche with apple foam and Chardonnay Pinot noir Rose

Yellowtail ceviche (raw fish marinated in citrus acid). The apple foam wasn’t the rabid dog saliva. This was creamier and had a strong green apple flavour – balanced wine, balanced food but together- not so en Pointe.

Act 3: Yucatan style Fish with Sauvignon Blanc Semillon blend

Can you spell yum? Yucatan is a tropical region in Mexico where their food is prepared with spices and other antibacterial elements like habanero peppers. This prevents the food from spoiling quickly. Habanero Beurre blanc was spot on and the side of pickled grape added a sugary acidity that complimented the fish superbly. The chosen wine was created for this fish dish. Well choreographed, well synchronized and well executed indeed.

Cooking with Lorna Maseko and friends
Lorna and Bassie

Act 4: Oaxan Mole (Pronounced mow lay)

We nostalgically jetéd over to Carlos’ mother’s kitchen and he made pork belly mole (pictured above) just the way she does.  Mole is a Mexican sauce prepared differently in different regions. Carlos made a Negro Mole which is spicy and dark in colour because of the chocolate infusion. The Spier Chenin blanc appeared again in this act

Act 5: Grilled Ostrich and Goats cheese fondue

This was paired with a Rhone-style blend Creative block 3. The blend is made of Shiraz, Mouvedre and Viognier. This was a sound duet with the ostrich and cheese sauce.

Act 6: The quick cake Grande Finale paired with pinot noir Chardonnay

Surprisingly this microwave baked cake had a light and fluffy consistency – somewhat a charisma devoid solo. One of the ladies declared that this dessert did not nourish her mentally instead it nourished her physical health. We all felt that it was a slimmer’s summer type dessert.

Overall the evening was pleasant, and the food tasty, albeit I was not bowled over by any of the flavours. There were two white wines, a rosé and only one red wine. In winter, seriously?

Although personally, I don’t mind cooking in winter, I don’t want to leave hungry after a 5 meal. I have been to several five tasting events where I was begging for mercy by 3. A portion is a very delicate balancing act that should be gotten just right; otherwise please supply artisanal gap fillers.

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  • Tariro

    It’s refreshing to see white wine featuring the most with winter dishes instead of the usual slogan “red wine for winter.” Thanks Ziyanda for sharing!

  • Olebogeng Mogotsi

    Sounds Like an awesome night indeed! Would have loved to taste the ceviche with apple foam and the Yucatan style fish, sounds like it was a winner! Thanks Ziyanda for this, your description of this evening made me feel like I was there 🙂

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