Cookbook Review: Ultimate Braai Master: Roads Less Travelled

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Roads less travelled, is a compilation of some of the best recipes from this season’s contestants, together with recipes by Justin Bonello, Bertus Basson and Marthinus Ferreira.  Written by Helen Lombard, Roads Less Travelled takes us on a journey to the beautiful yet lesser known parts of our country…..

What to expect from the book?

If you have seen this season of the Ultimate Braai Master show, chances are you have noticed the quality of the dishes prepared on the show.  Think sheep’s head, tounge, maotwana, bread and butter pudding, boeber, you name it!  These dishes are showcased in beautifully styled images that get you to commit to trying out some of the recipes.  The cooking methods are very detailed and written in a conversational manner with a witty sense of humour which is really engaging and can be a great conversation starter.

There is a great spirit of togetherness and a humane element about this journey , which I dearly love.  Justin and his crew get to interact, share and dine with the locals.  The book showcases some amazing photography, not only of the food images but the areas they have travelled to as well.

Road Less Travelled is not your typical cookbook with just recipes and measurement conversions.    You do get helpful cooking tips on the braai, however, it is an adventure and Justin Bonello and Helen Lombard get to take us through their journey.  There’s a great appreciation of one’s surroundings, nature and the show itself including this cookbook showcases some of the most beautiful , raw, untouched and lesser known parts of our country.

I would like to share a small passage from the foreword, I just love it “ From a traveller’s point of view, it’s that there are so many breathtaking places waiting to be explored in South Africa, places that even my well-travelled crew and I had never been to; that no matter how hardcore one back road might be, there’s an even more challenging and beautiful one just around the next bend; and that even the smallest of small towns have a traffic cop hiding under the shade of one lonely tree waiting to catch you out…..”

How is it different from the Ultimate Braai Master cookbook from the first season?

The Ultimate braai master brand is a true representation of all dishes in our country.  It is dishes that all South Africans can relate to, dishes that we grew up consuming, whether you are from the rural area, farm, Karoo, township or suburbs. There is something in the book for each one of us.  It introduces us to different cultures, by showcasing the food from those cultures.  I say the recipes in the cookbook are South African with an exotic twist.

Be ready to explore some of the best recipes from the second season of the Ultimate Braai Master show including recipes by Justin, Bertus and Marthinus.  So far I have tried out two recipes the cookbook and I am beyond proud of what they have put together.

When I got the opportunity to take part in this blog tour/  cookbook review, I had a long list of dishes to choose from.  I chose the tongue and tail potjie for two reasons , one, being that I’ve never featured a potjie on the blog before and two) even though this is a Southern African food blog, I’ve never featured Lesotho.  Therefore this was my opportunity and I am glad I did.  Have a look at the images and you’ll understand why.  Read more about the recipe and ENTER the giveaway here

Book Details:

Title: Roads Less Travelled: The Ultimate Braai Master Second Series

Authors: Justin Bonello with Bertus Basson & Marthinus Ferreira, written by Helena Lombard

Publisher: Penguin Books

Recommended Retail Price: R230.00

Availability: Available at all good book stores


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