Col’Cacchio Summer Menu

Col’Cacchio Summer Menu

Col’Cacchio pizzeria has recently launched a menu for the 2013/2014 Summer season……

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Seasons have change (even though we get a bit of rain and cold here and there), that means we are looking for items that burst with  flavour, have interesting textures and items that feed our visual senses.  I got to try out some of the items from salads, pizza, pasta (I skipped the pasta) to dessert.

I was totally impressed with the items that I got to try out.  This is my professional opinion: the Col’Cacchio recipe development team knows how to use ingredients and infuse different taste profiles. They are on point!  The items that I got to taste on the menu not only deliver on taste but the textures are there as well.  Each dish has a different personality, for an example, I tried out two salads (Novella and Mocetta) and two pizzas (Micarolo and Arrosto) from the menu, the Arrosto and the Miracolo.

Mocetta Salad:  rocket, cured beef, roasted beetroot, carrots, caramelised seeds, caramelised pears, gorgonzola, vinaigrette.   This salad right here is currently my favourite item on the menu.  All the ingredients bring something to the dish.  It is mouth-watering!

Miracolo Pizza: lettuce, coriander, seasoned chicken, roasted pumpkin seeds, salted caramelised seeds, crispy onion, garam masala yoghurt. This pizza speaks to me in that there’s roasted seeds in it (I love roasted pumpkin seeds!). They give it a bit of crunch together with the thinly sliced onion rings which make the pizza appealing to the eye.

The menu also offers pasta and one gets to choose from a selection of three desserts. I went for a vanilla sunday. It is interestingly not as sweet as most dessets. The brownies and crushed hazelnuts give it pizzazz.

Well, let me not spoil it by giving you all the details. Go and try out the new menu and let me know what your opinions are.

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