GAMMON RECIPE: Christmas Cooking with Lorna Maseko


I had a chat with the lovely TV Presenter, foodie and host of cooking sessions; Cooking with Lorna and Friends, Lorna Maseko.  Find out what she’s up to and how she plans on spending her Christmas…..


  1. What is Lorna doing at the moment?  Is she focusing on food, presenting or doing both?

I’m currently focused on three things at the moment if I have to put them into segments. The focus on food is to keep that going with exciting plans in store for 2016. Presenting is part of who I am and what I do and it will always be something I’m involved in.  I also run a business Fabulous Productions and have been doing so for eight years now, I’m also venturing into manufacturing which I’m excited about.  It’s about juggling the balls and maintaining a rhythm at different seasons.



  1. How did the ‘Cooking with Lorna and Friends’ concept come about?

Cooking With Lorna & Friends was started from my passion for cooking.  I didn’t quite enjoy going to cooking lessons because I’m a practical person and learn best when I’m doing something.  Therefore I created an interactive cooking experience that was very hands on for attendees and myself.

Cooking with Lorna and Friends was also created to recapture and ignite an individual’s passion for cooking.  We also wanted to increase people’s knowledge of food, their love for it and inspire them to want to explore in their very own kitchens.  The cooking experience is designed to build ones confidence and teach them that good home cooking and entertaining can be a fun & relaxing experience that everyone can enjoy, regardless of their cooking expertise.




  1. Are you happy with the results and feedback from the people who attend the dinners?

So far it’s been a huge learning experience.  What I love is how much people love the experience.  We’ve had people that have traveled from really far to come enjoy the events.  We had premium sponsors on board such as; Woolworths, GH Mumm, SAA, Gauteng Tourism, Airchef, Le Creuset, Camelot Spa and Spier wine to name a few – they all contributed towards making the cooking sessions remarkable.

  1. Have you always been passionate about food and cooking?

I’ve always had a passion for cooking, but never got to explore it as much because as a dancer you try hard to minimize how much you eat whilst keeping healthy.  I think being on Celebrity Masterchef really fueled that passion even more and hence exploring all these other food avenues.



  1. What’s your favourite Christmas memory? 

I love warm hearty meals – Roast Lamb, Gammon, Rich Creamy Potatoes, but obviously with watching ones weight those aren’t pleasures you can enjoy everyday but they were and are a treat during Christmas time which I still look forward to every time we get to this time of the year.

  1. Now as an adult, how do you celebrate Christmas? What are the dishes you prepare?

This year we will definitely all be at my parents. I’m thinking of preparing Gammon with a Star Anise-inspired Sauce, Roasted Potatoes and Asparagus.  I never used to be a gammon fan until I tried it on a Woolworths shoot with Top Billing.  I didn’t realize it’s such tasty meat and not too difficult to cook, it just requires time and a killer sauce…

I’m sure my sister and mom will have some dishes up their sleeves as well.



7. What can we expect to see from you in 2016? 

I’m super excited to continue growing Cooking With Lorna and Friends a reputable food brand. I plan on working on CWLF merchandise, from aprons to cutting boards; and the cooking show is still on the cards.


Hope you guys get to try out the recipe below!  Thanks for sharing with us Lorna!  xx


Slow Cooked Gammon with Mango and Star Anise Sauce, Roast Potatoes and Asparagus




1 x 2.2kg boneless gammon

320g exotic fruit chutney

1-2 red chillies

200g grated ginger

2 onions

4 star anise

4 tbsp light soy sauce

2 spring onions, thinly sliced

1 x 31g pack coriander, chopped (including stalks)

2 x 700g garlic and herb baby potatoes

600g asparagus

350g exotic tomatoes

3 tbsp duck fat Salt and Pepper for seasoning






  1. Preheat the oven to 180degrees… Slice the fat side up of the gammon into diamonds, but ensure that you don’t cut into the meat. Drizzle olive oil into a deep pan, place the gammon in a large pan and season with salt.
  2. Cover the gammon with tin foil and place in the oven. For the first 1hr 40mins keep the gammon covered with tin foil and for the remaining 20 or so minutes remove the tinfoil and allow the fat of the gammon to become crackling.
  3. Once you are happy with the gammon, take all those juices from the gammon and pour into a pan, add the exotic fruit chutney, the star anise, soya sauce to your liking and grated ginger. Allow that to reduce and the flavors to infuse together… In a pot with boiling water, pour the potatoes in the pot and allow to cook until soft.
  4. In a pan scoop the 3 tablespoons of duck fat and allow that to melt add the potatoes so the outside can crisp nicely.
  5. Essentially you will be shallow frying the potatoes. Once those are done scoop them out and drain the extra fat. Leave to the side….
  6. Cut the exotic tomatoes into halves and quarters, in a grill pan add a dollop of butter, then the tomatoes until slightly charred and finally the asparagus… lightly salt for flavor.
  7. Place the gammon on a plating dish, drizzle the sauce all over the gammon. Chop of the spring onion and scatter on the gammon as well. Serve with the potatoes and asparagus with exotic tomatoes.  Enjoy!


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