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Chocolate Factory Tour at Cocoa Fair

Have you ever watched chocolate being made from scratch?  I mean, get to see the beans, witness the grinding and tempering process to the final product?

I made a trip to Cocoa Fair, a small yet Africa’s only organic bean-to-bar chocolate factory situated at the popular Old Biscuit Mill inWoodstock.  Chocolatier and co-owner, Antonino Allegra, took me through the factory explaining the processing, from raw material to the final end-product.  My timing was bad, the artisans were at lunch, so I missed out on seeing them in action.  Their beans are sourced from Ghana and the Dominic Republic.  I wanted to know if there’s a taste difference between the beans sourced from different countries. I therefore tasted the raw beans.  I discovered that the difference rests on flavour and the level of bitterness.  After the tour, I couldn’t help but buy a few slabs of chocolates.  I’m planning using them on a chocolate mousse recipe mmmmm!

Cocoa Fair pride themselves on social development i.e. they empower people from the community through job opportunities and skills development.  You can book a tour for yourself and / or your friends and get to learn, taste and see how chocolate is manufactured.  It’s very interesting you’ll love it!  The factory is open to the public six days a week: Monday to Saturday.

In the meantime drool over this…..

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