Checkers’ Cheese World Binging Consumers A Festivity Of Cheese Throughout The Year


This year’s Checkers Market Theatre had festival goers on a cheese eating and wine sipping extravaganza.  Nataniel demonstrated a number of cheese inspired dishes and he was joined by fellow celebrity chefs.….

Checkers’ Cheese World allows you to discover an ever-growing range of cheeses all year round. From Dutch to Danish, UK to USA, Italian to German, Checkers has a selection of more than 400 local and international cheeses for consumers to choose from! These include award-winning cheeses from Britain and South Africa, as well as exclusive hand-crafted cheeses.  Their delectable, locally made cheese selection includes an impressive assortment from award-winning Fairview to the unique flavours of Kasselshoop – showing that “local is lekker”.

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To complement their cheeses, the Checkers Wine Route includes local wines from more than 80 of SA’s leading estates and a Wines of the World collection with over 50 international wines from 11 of the world’s best wine producing countries. Every so often Checkers also source limited quantities of vintage releases from famous South African wine farms, allocate each one a unique bin number and vow to keep its origin a secret under their own label, Odd Bins, resulting in famous wine brands at a fraction of the price!


Whether you’re after a sumptuous cream cheese to serve at your next dinner party or an elegant Roquefort-style blue cheese for your favourite recipe, Checkers’ versatile offering gives you a world of delectable options.





















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For ideas on how to create that perfect cheese platter, wine pairings, recipes and inspiration visit the Checkers’ website:


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