Celebrating The Month Of Love At Grootbos Nature Reserve

It is Feb, the month of love and Valentine’s Day is in a few day’s time. Most people who celebrate the day are probably looking at ideas for pampering their loved ones….

Some prefer experiences while others prefer gifts such as perfumes, jewellery or chocolate.  Personally, I prefer the former.  Experience is something that one tends to never forget, nobody can take them away.  The memories that come from experiences are instilled forever and in this day and age with technology they can be captured in different formats and shared with friends, family and future generations.  Talking about experiences…

When giving relationship advice to my friends I’m always one to say …“Go somewhere close to nature, take strolls at the beach, write your names on the sand with your big toes, or just sit quietly and watch the sunset with enchanting sounds of birds singing in the background, fall in love again…” with your partner of course!  It always sounds like a fairytale or something from a novel/soapie.  Something that Brooke and Ridge would do huh?  Well, I found a perfect place to do just that……a little piece of heaven for that matter.

Grootbos Nature Reserve, a five-star Private Nature Reserve situated near Hermanus,  is offering a Valentines Day Special…wait, not just for Valentine’s Day but for the whole month of February…..

Grootbos showcases the unique Marine and Floral Diversity of the Southern Tip of Africa.  With exquisite free-standing suites nestled into the ancient Milkwood forests, a variety of spectacular dining venues with five-course dinners and plethora of complimentary activities, one definitely cannot resist the spell of romantic enchantment.

The Valentines Special includes the following:

  • A free-standing luxury suite,
  • All meals prepared with organic ingredients,
  • Beach picnics and coastal tours,
  • Horse riding,
  • 4×4 flower safari,
  • Hikes and trails,
  • Last but not least, you get a 50% discount on spa treatment.  I’m just imagining a full body massage!  Oh! Heavens!

If you are single don’t worry, just take a sister, brother or a friend with!  You also deserve some pampering! I’ll also be going there soon, who knows we might bump into each other!

For more info visit the site:  http://www.grootbos.com/en/home/

Check out the valentines special: http://grootbos.com/specials/valentines-day-special/


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