Beverage News: Castle Milk Stout Chocolate Is Back For Good!

Did you get to sample the chocolate infused Castle Milk Stout? Now is your chance……

Beer aficionados who failed to get their hands on last year’s limited-edition run of Castle Milk Stout Chocolate now have ample opportunity to taste the new variant as the country’s leading stout brand has reintroduced the flavour.

In response to the market rush to snap up the limited run during winter 2014, the brand has re-released Chocolate Milk Stout and it will be on shelf around the country from July 2015. But this time, it’s here to stay!!


Made with real cocoa, Castle Milk Stout Chocolate is brewed with speciality malts to create a malty chocolate character; this richness is complemented by the creamy smooth taste of Castle Milk Stout.  With an alcohol content of 4.5%, it is designed to be sipped and enjoyed for an easy drinking experience.

Castle Milk Stout Chocolate is slightly sweet but with bittersweet hints around the edges. And of course it has the same full-bodied, smooth and creamy mouthfeel which the brand is known,” said Castle Milk Stout General Manager Julian Remba.


A Milk Stout is brewed with water, yeast and hops, but it is the dark roasted malt which gives the beer its unique colour and flavour. It also has lactose sugar for body and residual sweetness which makes it the perfect accompaniment to winter desserts, such as sticky toffee pudding, rice pudding, bread and butter pudding or chocolate pudding. Top Johannesburg caterer Vicky Crease recently created a “Beeramisu” – a twist on the traditional Italian dessert which pairs with the Chocolate Milk Stout and also uses traditional Castle Milk Stout as an ingredient.


The beer is available in a 340ml Non-returnable Bottle, 440ml can and 750ml Returnable Bottle pack.

Castle Milk Stout Chocolate bottle

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