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The Story of Mzansi Style Cuisine

Food Blogging and Recipes Development

SA Traditional Food Recipes

Mzansi Style Cuisine was created back in 2011, at the time traditional food recipes  were very scarce on the internet.  Young people left home immediately after Matric to pursue studies and a career in the cities. That resulted in young adults with very limited knowledge of quick and easy meals with indigenous ingredients. Easy food recipesrecipes for traditional dishes and ways of cooking them become a concern to me.

Indigenous Quick and easy meals

As a Food Scientist and nutritionist, I decided to use my knowledge and skills to create awareness through blog

writing to keep that traditional food knowledge going on how to prepare indigenous quick and easy meals.  Usually, the grandma is the one to pass that knowledge, which makes me the grandma of the internet. Ha!

Over the years, our audience has grown and naturally we have been growing with them.  There’s been interest in cookbooks, easy recipes, new products on the market, alcohol beverages (wine, brandy, whisky and beer), restaurants. Mzansi Style Cuisine have taken an interest in showcasing blooming food businesses by young people of our country.

Learn easy recipes

All of this makes Mzansi Style Cuisine a One-Stop-Shop for free easy recipes and food industry news.  In addition to that, food is one of the things that unite us as people.  It has been one of my greatest pleasures to see South Africans echo childhood memories brought about by the dishes shared on this site.  Let us continue to do that!

The Mzansi Style Cuisine Promise

I hope this website encourages the young people of South Africa to take a keen interest in food recipes of the African continent.  Let’s support the movers and shakers in the food and beverage industry, the farmers, the producers, manufacturers, retailers, restaurateurs, artisan producers and young entrepreneurs.

Our mission is to get you cooking quick and easy meals as well as be informed on what is available on the market and make better choices for your family.

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