Today is World Osteoporosis Day ……


In the days of our youth, it is seldom that we get sick as a result we take health for granted.   A lot of people live for the moment and do what’s good for them right now forgetting to invest in the future…. Then we experience difficulties later in life….. A bit of knowledge and discipline go a long way……

What is Osteoporosis?

“Osteo” means bones and “porosis” stands for porous / weak

Osteoporosis is a bone condition affecting bone structure and strength thus making them thinner and fragile because of reduced bone density.  Osteoporosis is often called a “silent disease” because you won’t detect symptoms until a bone breaks.

Both men and women are affected.


Some of the risk factors: 

  • Age
  • Alcohol misuse / Heavy drinking
  • Family history
  • Malabsorption problems
  • Inactivity


How can it be prevented? 

  • By consuming adequate amounts of calcium (to build bones) and getting enough vitamin D.  The latter helps with the absorption of calcium.
  • Cutting back of sodium also help.  A high intake of salt depletes calcium stores in the bones and it is excreted in urine.
  • Being physically active stimulates bone building cells and thus strengthens bones.
  • If you haven’t started smoking then good for you.  Don’t start.  If you smoke, try to do it moderately.  Think of long term effects.
  • Limit alcohol intake.  Do it in moderation.


Sources of calcium include nuts(almonds), fish (tuna, salmon), dairy products (milk, yoghurt, calcium fortified cheese), green veggies (brocolli) etc.


For more information, talk to your doctor, dietitian / nutritionist, or get information from your local clinic.  Being informed will lead to better choices and decisions.  Take care of your bones!

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