I never used to watch soapies, let me rephrase that, I did watch them but I would go on for something like three months without watching them and still catch up.  Nowadays I find myself hooked, more especially on Muvhango which plays on SABC 2 every weekday at 21:00.  I just love it!


Soapie fans around the country (myself included) were having a teary moment last night as we watched the stubborn yet funny Albert Mukwevho aka Bertie dying from gunshots.  It’s so funny how you cry when a character is dying on a soapie, part of you knows it’s just acting but can’t help but feel sad.  So, today I thought I would share a recipe especially for muvhango fans.  Instead of gorging on ice cream feeling all depro about the “passing of Bertie” have something healthy, a smoothie.   Seasonal fruits such as oranges and peaches are used in the smoothie.  Nectarines, papapas, pears or bananas can also be used.  It all depends on your preference.  Spring is around the corner we can’t afford to pile on calories….Check out the recipe below but before you do that, check out some tweets from last night’s episode.  Some of the tweets are plain hilarious!

We are gonna miss you, Bertie!  Well done to the Muvhango team!


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Orange, Peach and Granadilla Smoothie with Rooibos


500ml (2cups) boiling water

2 rooibos teabags

2 oranges, peeled

Peaches, rinsed and cut up

500ml (2cups) plain yoghurt

115g granadilla pulp





  1. Add boiling water to the teabags and remove them after 7 minutes.  Set aside and let the tea cool down.
  2. Puree oranges, peaches, yoghurt, granadilla pulp and tea in a blender.  Blend until thick and smooth.
  3. Add sugar and stir until dissolved.
  4. Serve chilled.



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