This food item is popularly known as uKota, some call it Township Burger, Skhambane and the list goes on….

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What I prefer to tell people is that when you go to Durban make sure to grab a Bunny Chow, in Cape Town you definitely have to try out a Gatsby and in Joburg and the Eastern Cape its Kotas all the way!

For those who may not know what a Kota is usually a white loaf of bread cut into four quarters, some of the inside is cut out and filled with different fillings such as potatoe chips, viennas, Russians, atchar, sliced polony, fried egg etc.

You know in single parent homes there’s quite a bit of freedom in that parents get away with serving takeaways at least 3 or more times per week unlike households with fathers.   Well the former was the environment I grew up in, my mom discovered the Kota and she never bought sliced bread again!  We were four and one loaf was enough to feed all of us.  Fillings included sliced polony, viennas, eggs, potato chips, sliced tomatoes etc.   My two cousins once visited for the school holidays and they had a hard time finishing their Kotas.

It’s a favourite school lunch item, back when I was at school they sold for R1.50 can you believe it?  Living in Cape Town made me to forget about Kotas until I spent some time working in Joburg.  I would order it for lunch and it goes for R10.00.  It’s quite filling and I like the one with some atchar and a Russian.  One thing for sure is that South Africans love their Kotas!  Which Kota fillings are your favourite?

Check out some tweets from die hard Kota fanatics:


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