It’s easy to lose sight of the significance of public holidays because 1) folks get tired of waking up every day going to work and see them as an opportunity to get the much needed rest. 2) We get to travel across the country and spend time with our families doing the things we love.

This is all good but let us not forget.


This day, June 16, is too precious to sideline and just take it as a day to relax.  The youth who participated in the Soweto Uprising were school kids, 13 year olds  to 16 year olds.  But they were tired, they felt that enough was enough.  Little did they know their sacrifices would change the future of the African child.  They didn’t know we would look back at that day and admire their courage and find inspiration to do more.

Lives were lost.  Families were shuttered and the resultant emotional and physical scars are carried till this day.  That alone makes one wonder whether our generation is doing enough to ensure their actions and loss were not in vain?


We are lucky that we live in a time where we have a much bigger voice and when we stand united we can bring the world to a stand still and break the internet while at it.


We are the youth of the digital world and that, ladies and gentleman means power, believe it or not.  That means we can be anything we want.  We can even #FillUPTheDome if that’s what we set our eyes on.


We are the privileged generation, don’t get me wrong, the struggles are still there but united and using the right platforms we can get our messages across.  That alone won’t be enough, we need discipline, hard work and determination.  So instead of using our power and digital prowess to be derogative, ridicule and bully others, why don’t we use that to our advantage and show the world that we can be so much better?


Let us not limit ourselves to being the youth of the blesser funded lifestyle.  By the way, this tweet below is godly.

Are we doing enough to pave way and encourage future generations?  During a conversation between myself and a friend – she was shocked at the number of young people left at her village.  The youth is dying – leaving the parents behind.  Are we engulfed in our own desires and recklessness and in the process dying? C’mon mzansi, we need to change this.

The youth of 1976 played their part and paved the path for us.  Now, it’s our turn.  Let us unite and break boundaries.  Some are already setting the example but waiting for the rest of us to join them, we can do it black child!  The struggle continues……


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